PaperSave®: Instant and Secure Document Retrieval

Stuart Rosenberg, President
Over a couple of decades ago, when Stuart Rosenberg was the CFO of a start-up, he set up a color-coded filing scheme in a mid-range ERP system to save time in filing and retrieving documents. “I envisioned a system that houses every single document related to any transaction, vendor, or customer within the ERP which can be shared instantly and securely,” says Rosenberg, President of WhiteOwl, the developers of PaperSave®. Rosenberg’s initial concept was transformed into a reality by Wadih Pazos, VP, Product Development, PaperSave. “Pazos and team developed approval workflow of the documents and automated the entry to optimize a company’s control over their documents and better efficiency,” says Rosenberg.

PaperSave assists Microsoft Dynamics users with access to documents related to records within the ERP system in real-time. With a deep understanding of market demands for control, compliance, and efficiency in transaction processes, the powerful integration between PaperSave and MS Dynamics makes document retrieval simpler by providing the information necessary to efficiently process, review, and ultimately audit a transaction within a secure environment. Today, paperless communication, invoice automation, and electronic documentation are superseding manual procedures and transforming the transaction processes within ERP systems. As an all-inone document management software, PaperSave serves as a central repository archiving all critical business data where data accessibility is available at just a single click. “PaperSave eliminates as much as 30 percent of the time it takes to file, search, and retrieve documents from Microsoft Dynamics,” adds Rosenberg.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics, PaperSave is a document management, electronic workflow, and transaction automation solution that is uniquely integrated with MS Dynamics SL, GP, CRM, and AX to eliminate the need of custom programming and offers instant access to documents. The unique integration allows instant retrieval of documents within the Dynamics window by capturing and storing the information from the supporting SL card or transaction in the form of metadata.

PaperSave eliminates as much as 30 percent of the time it takes to file, search, and retrieve documents from Microsoft Dynamics

PaperSave’s electronic workflow eliminates bottlenecks and gains faster responses for approvals and payments by automating the workflow process.

PaperSave aims at maintaining integrity, objectivity, and due care while serving their clients. The company assisted Emergency Medical Services Authority (ESMA) to reduce costs on storage, mailing supplies, courier, and additional data entry services. The Oklahoma-based client—an ambulance and healthcare services provider— incurred the loss of hundreds of invoices when one of the courier vans was burned down. PaperSave stepped in and automated their purchase order process and scanned all documents for instant storage, retrieval, and distribution, saving them time, effort, and approximately $600 per month. “It’s great how PaperSave intertwines with Dynamics. It used to take me about one whole day to code, sort, and process invoices, not including sending away for approvals. Having PaperSave has given us back about 12-16 hours per month,” says Adam Hurry, Accountant, ESMA.

With machines getting smarter to bring in efficiency in management frameworks, the company is maneuvering towards more advanced and digitized systems to stay ahead in the competitive market. PaperSave constantly evaluates ways to improve and innovate automation technologies and integrate into complimentary offerings with other ISVs. On the way ahead, PaperSave looks forward to bringing their clients on PaperSaveCloud and create less dependence on on-premise environments.


Miami, FL

Stuart Rosenberg, President and Holly Condon, VP-Sales & Marketing, Wadih Pazos, VP-Product Development

Provides complete document management, electronic workflow and transaction automation solution for MS Dynamics