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Tom Fedro, President and CEO
While age-old disaster recovery (DR) questions and concerns linger, the recent market changes are set to dramatically impact the DR capabilities and budgets of modern businesses. Majority of the businesses today are hosting mixed physical and virtual computing environments, creating a need for a single product to manage the entire spectrum of backup and disaster recovery (BDR) initiatives. Spearheading the new developments and technological advancements arising in the disaster recovery space is Paragon Software that provides state-of-the-art solutions for BDR markets to alleviate the security concerns of business data.

Paragon Protect & Restore (PPR) is Paragon’s flagship all-in-one offering for physical systems, VMware and Hyper-V, which has broken the barrier of world-class innovation in the BDR market, making enterprise-class features available to the more budget-conscious small to midsize market. Among its features is the patent-pending Paragon Image Transfer Engine, which captures full and incremental backups and replicas of critical enterprise systems and data. PPR integrates with VMware APIs and reduces the size of all virtual machine backup images, resulting in minimal backup windows. The result is that business data is never at risk of being lost or unprotected. “In fact, our proprietary PPR backups and replica snapshots consume as little as one-tenth the storage space of similar solutions,” extols Tom Fedro, President and CEO of Paragon Software Group Corporation.

Certified as the best server backup software, PPR captures the top spot in the professional support category, while also earning the highest possible ratings across other server backup software categories.

Paragon’s comprehensive BDR solutions, address the challenges of today’s complex mixed environments with a full range of features, serving as a single, centralized solution to simplify and strengthen BDR.
The company bundles multiple key features into a single product including backup and recovery, deduplication, virtualization, replication, disk cloning, migration, advanced partitioning, deployment/re-deployment, secure disk wiping, and more.

Right across their value chain, Paragon offers a unique unified site licensing model that allows customers to purchase a single SKU and product that will work with all of their physical servers, virtual hosts, and even critical workstations. “With this game-changing approach to licensing we are able to provide our solutions at no additional cost,” states Fedro. The company also offers Hard Disk Manager (HDM) platform, which provides IT managers and technicians with a bootable flash drive that handles almost every disk management and system lifecycle tasks.

“With our proven solutions, we have shown our customers a minimum cost savings of at least 25 percent per year when compared to their current provider,” says Fedro. Recently, a hospital in the Phoenix metro area was overwhelmed with multiple BDR products for their 40 physical servers and virtual hosts. As their existing products were up for renewal, they chose PPR because of its robustness and ease of use. With PPR, they could integrate, manage, and maintain all their systems within a single platform across the entire organization. “We were able to deliver a better, more comprehensive solution for all their physical and virtual systems that saved them over 40 percent on their overall BDR investment while eliminating the burden of managing multiple vendors,” says Fedro.

Paragon’s success is driven by a strong commitment to providing go-to-market partners with the necessary resources, investments, and deliverables to enable them to effectively meet their goals. “With our simple licensing approach, we make it easy for our customers to enjoy peace of mind without the typical BDR vendor management headaches; With Paragon, One Product, One SKU covers your entire company. Along with our superior technology, this is an important value proposition that, we take great pride in,” concludes Fedro.

Paragon Software News

Enable your embedded devices with NTFS and exFAT support and offer seamless cross-platform interoperability options to your customers. Now also optimised for all major platforms, including the latest macOS 11 Big Sur!

Freiburg, Germany - Paragon Software, a leading file systems and storage management expert, announces the optimised Microsoft NTFS and Microsoft exFAT by Paragon Software drivers with rapid and transparent read and write access to NTFS or exFAT volumes for all popular operating systems, including the newest macOS 11 Big Sur. Providing effective solutions to automotive, ISVs, OEM, ODM, and Tier-1 suppliers, Paragons proprietary NTFS and exFAT technologies are available for implementation into macOS, Linux, Android and other embedded operating systems, and real time operating systems like QNX, INTEGRITY RTOS and FreeRTOS. Paragons technology works reliably across heterogeneous devices and platforms, operating and file systems, application environments and use cases.

Paragon Software has been the market leader in file system drivers since 1996, guaranteeing the top-notch performance without any data loss. Microsoft NTFS by Paragon Software provides full access (read/write, format, etc.) to volumes of the most popular file systems under all popular platforms - macOS, Windows, Linux and Android. Already installed in millions of devices and integrated by major suppliers, Paragons cross-platform tools provide the highest data throughput speeds possible ” equivalent to, or exceeding, native performance.

Paragon Software is authorized to deliver exFAT implementation directly to OEMs, ODMs and independent software vendors for integration into devices and data systems under the agreement with Microsoft. The proprietary technology is provided with full technical support and can be customized to any specific requirements.

Paragons drivers for QNX can be easily integrated into the QNX storage management systems to extend automotive components interoperability. The technologies solve compatibility and interoperability issues between popular file systems and storages running on QNX-based automotive components, Windows and macOS. Paragons technology solutions for QNX are targeted, foremost, towards middleware developers in the automotive industry who want to make the car owner's experience as convenient and seamless as possible.

QNX compatibility includes:

¢ QNX 7.0

¢ ARM, ARM64, x86, x86_64 platforms

¢ exFAT, NTFS, HFS+ file systems

¢ File system check & repair utilities

¢ Module size: FS driver “ ~340 KB for NTFS

Paragons drivers are based on the companys proprietary File System Link technology (formerly, UFSD) cross-platform technology that enables any device to communicate and gain access to storage media regardless of file system type. Paragons drivers are available to automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers for integration with SoCs running automotive OSs, including Android, Linux, QNX, INTEGRITY RTOS and FreeRTOS, guaranteeing the highest level of performance and reliability.

The integration of Paragons drivers allows suppliers to deliver the most cutting-edge systems with full file system format compatibility and without high CPU loads.

Key benefits:

• Data safety and integrity

• Stable operation and fault tolerance

• Reliable performance over a wide range of applications

• Minimal resource footprint

• Consistent user experience

Paragon Software provides key storage technology software stacks that will ensure the best customer experience through leading performance, high stability, seamless interoperability, and full data safety, commented Konstantin Komarov, CEO at Paragon Software.

Paragon Software

Irvine, CA

Tom Fedro, President and CEO and Konstantin Komarov, Founder & CEO

Since 1994, Paragon Software Group has delivered a wide range of software tools, solutions, and technologies. Their offerings range from low-level storage management and file system drivers to safekeeping and recovery of operational, business, and user data across heterogeneous platforms and environments. The company provides products that are intuitive and easy to use. Their technical, cost-efficient solutions completely address technical and business challenges. They deliver immediate responsive services and qualified support to solve issues. Some of the Global business partners include ASUS, Avast, Belkin, D-Link, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Netgear, Nvidia, Realtek, Seagate, Siemens, Technicolor, Telechips, Western Digital, Wyplay, and many others