Parallaksis: Collaborative Platform to Improve PLM

Dario Marzoni, VP Sales and Marketing
With the convergence of multiple technologies and emerging business paradigms, there is a need to standardize data and bring it together onto a single platform. For enterprises, this translates into the requirement for a solution that integrates different organizational silos for harmonious management of processes and information lifecycle. Parallaksis, through its core platform—Collaboration Desktop Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Framework—overcomes the limitations of managing traditional and complex product lifecycle systems. The company, through collaborative Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, supports advanced functionalities in managing tasks and processes. “The unique platform drives collaboration, information and processes management, while catering to the ‘technical’ side of enterprises,” begins Dario Marzoni, VP Sales and Marketing of Parallaksis. “Our core platform gives users the ability to create a new collaborative, change management, and information oriented work environment through an ‘open’ platform paradigm.” Parallaksis’ Collaboration Desktop is a scalable platform that puts data at the center of cross-functional collaboration processes and allows data integration between the various systems of an organization.

According to Marzoni, the Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework fills a defined gap in the market. “On one hand, it handles the need to overcome the constraints imposed by the ‘old’ and complex PLM systems amid new process automation and information sharing,” he adds. “And on the other, it pushes the boundaries of design and engineering automation while simplifying implementation.” The platform’s visual interface and highly intuitive feature allows clients to configure and customize the platform at a faster pace, facilitating a major cost and time reduction in implementation. The company’s Engineering Portal provides a full spectrum of functionalities ready to be configured and aligned according to organizational needs and processes. Meanwhile, the Task & Project Portal, developed on top of Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework is aimed at unifying the project and design data.

Our core platform gives users the ability to create a new collaborative, change management, and information oriented work environment

It is a tool that can be complex when needed, but also allowing a simple initial use both in term of functionality and operability.

Collaboration Desktop equips customers with a fully web-based collaborative PLM solution, characterized by a unique and integrated data environment, truly suited to support product development, engineering, logistics, and maintenance. The company also offers several Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework apps to assist organizations that need to go the extra mile, after implementing an agile and intuitive platform. Today, Collaboration Desktop has been adopted by more than 100 customers globally. In an instance, one of the company’s automotive client—a renowned Original Equipment Manufacturer both in Europe and U.S.—implemented Parallaksis’ solution to manage the planning activity for the design of a new car platform. The client deployed Parallakis’ technology to provide a dynamic approach, filling the gaps linked to the planning, while automatically updating the components that were designed and approved.

Parallaksis is now focused on making a name for itself in the market of product lifecycle management and in the new segment of supporting processes and data management orchestration. For the days to come, the company is excited to launch their new release of a complete business platform that will make managing the systems and connecting to other technologies easier. “For the future, we can say our solutions will be acting as the bridge between Microsoft, SAP, and Google,” concludes Marzoni.


Castellammare di Stabia, NA, Italy

Dario Marzoni, VP Sales and Marketing

Offers Information Lifecycle Management solutions on top of their Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework to address information management needs with low implementation cost