Paratus: Enterprise-grade Telecommunications and Hosting Services

The pandemic, with other key drivers like climate re¬sponsibility and demographic shifts, has accelerated the demand for digital dependence across all indus¬tries. ICT and digital service providers play a crucial role in driving societal and economic progress by assisting business¬es with their digital transition.

In light of this, Paratus provides businesses across Africa with cutting-edge, dependable, and affordable telecommunication and IT services to expedite digital transformation in the African industrial and commercial sector.

Paratus delivers efficient integrated network services, comprising cloud solutions, internet, MPLS Connectivity, data center collocation, and voice services, complemented by individualized round-the-clock support. Its network and connectivity services, developed by highly qualified technical teams, are accessible via fiber, microwave, and satellite, providing clients with adequate access to analog components, which are imperative for the digital transition of their operations.

Management and protection of data are vital for all businesses. Paratus operates top-tier data centers with a firm commitment to providing infrastructure, power, space, cooling, and security to mitigate the risks of on-site IT infrastructure configurations of its users, giving them the freedom to access and scale integral IT infrastructure on demand. It has purpose-built data centers for security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, guaranteeing power availability, resilience, and high uptime.

Paratus' facilities incorporate contemporary physical and virtual security measures to securely store, protect, and manage data. The data centers offer cloud computing, which assists businesses in cutting their IT capital and operating costs by relocating their on-premise data storage and management.
The data centers offer clients access to numerous physical and virtual hosting services and opportunities for content delivery networks (CDNs) to support high availability, quick performance, and security for their websites.

Paratus provides fast and secure hosted services, including cloud solutions, hosted firewall, backup-as-a-service, storage-as-a-service, and disaster recovery-as-a-service, with minimal up-front expenses and the advantages of eliminating internal hardware-like servers. Its customized public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions with robust connectivity infrastructure and data centers provide clients with a conveniently accessible and virtualized environment for server operating systems and storage devices. Its cloud systems facilitate a high level of compatibility and interoperability in clients' IT operations and automatically control and optimize users' resource usage with a metering capability. This enables resource usage to be monitored, managed, and reported, which addresses IT infrastructures' complexities, risks, and hidden expenses and empowers clients to concentrate solely on their business.

Our competitive advantage is the swift manner in which we provide our services and client support

"Our competitive advantage is the swift manner in which we provide our services and client support," says Ricardo Santa Ana, cloud services manager of Paratus.

Its passionate and committed workforce strives to continue growing and raising the benchmark in the quality of connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa while ensuring each customer has a valuable experience. Paratus operates one of Africa's largest infrastructure networks to deliver an end-to-end and single-point service solution, enabling it to serve numerous notable clients across Africa and firmly root itself as a world-class pan-African network and connectivity services provider.


Athens, Greece

Ricardo Santa Ana, Cloud Services Manager, Paratus

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