Parcel Pending: Supercharging BOPIS Process for Retailers

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Lori Torres, Founder & CEO
Today, consumers want life to be easier by getting their items on their schedule. Although online ecommerce has garnered wide attention, latent challenges such as added shipping costs, inconvenience in picking up orders, authenticating products, and reversing faulty orders, make it a forgettable experience. In this situation, there is an expected rise in BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store) sales, predicted to hit $6.6 billion in 2020! To stay relevant in the market, retailers need to invest in making BOPIS a seamless experience, free of waiting in long lines, for their customers.

Lori Torres, a real estate veteran, has the firsthand experience of witnessing the rising frustrations due to the growing inefficiency in package delivery, given the mounting number of online orders. Having deep knowledge and understanding of the retail industry, Lori was determined to address the online shopping predicaments faced by people. She brought to bear her extensive experience to architect Parcel Pending, a package management solution company. With its flagship technology ‘BOPIL™ (Buy Online, Pickup in Locker)’, Parcel Pending ameliorates and simplifies BOPIS and BORIS processes to make online shopping delightful for both end-customers and retailers. BOPIL enables retailers to increase responsiveness to their customers, improve customer service, reduce operational costs, and boost productivity.

“Once an online retail order is fulfilled—be it groceries, clothing, electronics, cosmetics or more—the items are placed into one of our Parcel Pending lockers located at the retail store,” says Lori. Customers are then instantly notified by text or email and provided with a unique numerical code or barcode that they can type or scan at the locker kiosk. By authenticating the security key, they can quickly pick up their order at their convenience.” By streamlining the delivery of products to customers, the company paves the way for retailers to focus more on in-store customer engagement, reduce the time they dedicate to package management, create new revenue opportunities through upselling and cross-selling, and eliminate costly inventory errors. Moreover, retailers can drive additional in-store purchases by tracking and rewarding customers with product coupons or samples in the lockers.

Once an online retail order is fulfilled— be it groceries, clothing, electronics, cosmetics or more—the items are placed into one of our Parcel Pending lockers located at the retail store

Parcel Pending differentiates itself from its competitors through its dedication to addressing the needs of end customers. The company has a 24/7 active service team that help retailers understand and implement the working principles of the lockers it provides. Also, team Parcel Pending is innovation-oriented which develops cutting-edge lockers to cater to the unique needs of its diverse client base. Be it indoor lockers or outdoor and refrigerated lockers, Parcel Pending has solutions for all.

The efficacy of Parcel Pending as a proficient package management solution provider can be demonstrated by an instance where the company helped a Fortune 500 company improve their customer experience. Enhancing the client’s BOPIS process with its BOPIL technology, Parcel Pending helped the client’s retail staff to reduce the time their customers waited in queues. BOPIL also helped the client to reduce a significant amount of time spent on BOPIS fulfillment. Within days of implementing BOPIL, the client reported an approximate 94 percent increase in their customer satisfaction rate.

Parcel Pending is dedicating its resources for devising and deploying solutions that would meet retail market requirements in the future. In addition, the company is focused on extending their locker solutions to corporate campuses and universities to reach a wider audience.

Parcel Pending

Irvine, CA

Lori Torres, Founder & CEO

A package management solution provider that improves the BOPIS process through its inventive locker technology

Parcel Pending