Parker Software: Integrating Digital Channels to Drive Operational Efficiency

Stephen Parker, CEO
With changing business demographics and increasing customer expectations, contact centers are undergoing a fundamental metamorphosis, to deliver quicker resolution of issues, and faster routing to the right agent or department. To deliver effective customer service, enterprises are now adapting technologies to manage all digital channels via one platform, while integrating them with telephony systems. Focusing on an integrated single platform approach, Parker Software brings businesses closer to their customers by building software solutions that quicken communications. “Our call center solution incorporates and manages all digital channels, like live chat, social, email and online review, within one platform, to ensure maximum agent productivity,” says Stephen Parker, CEO, Parker Software.

Through their single platform, Parker Software creates intelligent rules for routing. “This ensures that an agent deals with a single customer, despite potentially having communications with them over multiple channels, ultimately reducing waiting times through speed of service,” states Parker.

Parker Software’s flagship product, WhosOn, is designed to track online visitors in real-time and allow operators within an organization to interact with visitors via live chat and proactive engagement. WhosOn, mostly targeted at large contact centers, enhances the functionalities of advanced routing, integration with telephony, CRM systems, automated chat translation, and management toolset including dashboards, reporting and insights portal.

Parker Software’s Think Automation is a powerful business process automation platform that offers an easy-to-use, scalable solution which allows individuals to manage complex automation tasks. The solution possesses the ability to intelligently extract information from any inbound message—social, email, web form, live chat, instant messenger, and SMS—by a simple drag and drop method. Through this, organizations can automatically extract a new address from an email, update a CRM record, and notify the customer via SMS that details have been updated.
“Using Think Automation, we offer different process combinations and integrations that include Dynamics and Salesforce CRMs, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Office 365 and Bing Translate,” says Parker.

Being a technology trailblazer, Parker believes in driving innovation at break neck speed to ensure that the solutions offered are always leading the way. “We invest heavily in innovation, not just for improving our existing solutions, but adding new and unique offerings to the mix,” claims Parker. The company maintains the very highest levels of security and reliability regardless of the scale and technical complexity of a deployment. “We are able to do this through our experience, expertise, and own scale,” he adds.

Taking a customer-centric approach, Parker Software understands customers’ requirements and translates them into a solution using technology to overcome challenges. “We deliver the expertise needed to our customers to maximize the potential of their solutions, enhancing the level of service beyond the competition,” claims Parker. Parker has achieved this through the very structure of the business, where his priority has always been the customer. The same ideology has been drilled into the entire Parker Software team. “Our dedicated professional service team brings decades of experience of working on complex contact center deployments,” he adds. For instance, Parker Software helped a large pharmaceutical company with a secure and reliable live chat deployment, consisting of hundreds of agents over 20 countries, each communicating in different languages.

Our call center solution incorporates and manages all digital channels on one platform

Moving forward, Parker Software plans to invest heavily on upgrading their solutions. The company is also developing a new web-based customer portal through which customers can remotely manage their deployments.

Parker Software

Staffordshire, UK

Stephen Parker, CEO

Offers call center solution that incorporates all digital channels into one platform.