Parlance: Solutions for Reinventing Caller Experiences

Joseph Maxwell, CEO
For businesses functioning in a hypercompetitive environment, the adoption of appropriate contact center automation solutions is instrumental in not only delivering great caller experiences (no hold times, menus, or frustration), but also setting the stage for a positive customer interaction, one that helps build loyalty. “Unfortunately, in contact centers today, touchtone IVRs still dominate the landscape as many large businesses continue to use this outdated technology,” states Joseph Maxwell, CEO of Parlance. Even with live operators, firms have to tackle challenges associated with ineffective service where callers either wait in queues or get rushed through a call. All this ultimately lowers the service experience and adds to higher service delivery costs due to agent churn caused by frustration and low morale. With an approach that is centered around delivering a “great agent experience” to callers, Woburn, MA-based Parlance’s automated call handling solutions for contact centers emulate live operators and agents. The solutions incorporate elements such as minimal to no up-front instructions; crafted conversations to gain high caller engagement; and quick identification of a caller with complex needs requiring agent support.

The underlying premise of Parlance’s state-of-the-art contact center automation solutions is their extensive call handling experience, which is a potent combination of caller behavior insights and advanced technologies. The firm incorporates the latest speech recognition and comprehensive managed services to effectively streamline the call handling process. By delivering solutions that learn and adapt to caller behavior, Parlance caters to the key contact centers of major enterprises and healthcare organizations. They help them achieve crucial objectives—reduced service delivery costs and improved service/caller experience. The firm incorporates expanded call analytics to significantly improve actionable call insights and expand their capabilities to tackle more complex caller needs. “We separate ourselves by the caller experience, a direct result of the level of performance ownership and service partnership we incorporate in our solutions,” adds Maxwell.

According to Maxwell, “Automation done right can help businesses deliver on their brand promise by making sure the caller gets to the right resource quickly.”

At Parlance we focus on the caller experience. Parlance solutions produce attractive ROIs that are the result of easier caller engagement and ongoing performance management

For instance, an IVR system is prone to routing the callers to the wrong agent, resulting in wasted agent time for triage and rerouting of the caller to the right resource. Parlance’s skills-based routing solutions ensure that the callers connect with the right agent and skill set on the first attempt—reducing agent-to-agent transfers and improving the caller experience.

In one instance, Lanham, MD-based Doctors Community Hospital was experiencing growing call volumes that were overwhelming their PBX switchboard operators. “The facility's 22 operators had difficulty managing public calls, internal employee calls, and after-hours answering service duties, which are a revenue source for the department,” elaborates Maxwell. Parlance helped ease the call burden by offloading routine call requests and reducing calls to operators by more than 60 percent. The hospital successfully eliminated hold times and increased their future call handling capacity and went on to reduce their operator services staff count from 22 to 14.

The leadership at Parlance envisions a future where customers would establish a comprehensive “brand voice” that facilitates straightforward access and self-service across the enterprise. “To replace the multitude of inbound service lines within their voice infrastructure—different call handling methods, voices, and experiences—we work with our customers to carry the experience we deliver to other service lines and department level IVRs,” explains Maxwell. "Our goal is to deliver a consistent, easy to use call management solution that spans the entire enterprise."


Woburn, MA

Joseph Maxwell, CEO

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