Partners In Technology: Building Flexible Solutions with Sage ERP

CIO VendorMerilyn Van Zwieten, President
With technology changes accelerating on a daily basis, businesses need an ally like Partners In Technology, a company that is proactive about informing and educating their clients on the latest technologies and applications. Based in Illinois and with clients throughout the nation, Partners In Technology delivers easy-to-use, scalable and customizable software solutions from Sage Software. “We partner with Sage to offer small and mid-sized businesses the expertise they need to solve their problems,” says Merilyn Van Zwieten, President of Partners In Technology.

Specializing in Sage 100 ERP solutions and Sage CRM from Sage Software, Partners In Technology adds its unique capabilities and expertise to create a model that moves beyond customer’s expectations. “We promote Sage’s products and bring new customers into the Sage family,” says Merilyn. Sage 100 ERP is available through on premise or cloud deployment, is GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) compliant, and streamlines cash flow while helping to maximize profitability.

Using Sage CRM, Partners In Technology automates the sales processes to make sales people more efficient, productive and satisfied. “With Sage, we cost-effectively integrate financial operations and accounting, business intelligence, human resources, sales and marketing, e-Business, manufacturing and distribution, from the initial to final stage of business lifecycle,” explains Merilyn.

Sage offers additional cloud-based connected solutions that work with Sage 100 ERP. For example, Sage Inventory Advisor is an affordable web and mobile solution that helps reduce excess inventory and increase working capital while eliminating stock outs. “Sage Inventory Advisor enhances the native ability of the Inventory module by adding forecasting and inventory purchase recommendations, providing another dimension of inventory management capability,” says Merilyn. Other mobile solutions include Sales, Service and Billing and Payment.

We partner with Sage to offer our clients the expertise they need to solve their unique problems

Sage 100 ERP drives efficiency in all aspects of the business. Merilyn illustrates this with a story about a technological company in Chicago. Due to its rapid growth, the company needed better reporting to track financial and key operating data. Though their software performed various tasks, it could not generate the required reporting. Employees spent 40 hours each month to create the required management reports. “We implemented Sage 100 and used the Sage Intelligence reporting tool. Sage Intelligence reports not only on financial data, but also critical operating data,” says Merilyn. “We helped them cut down the 40 hours of report preparation to 2 hours with increased accuracy,” she adds.

For the road ahead, Partners In Technology is developing outbound marketing initiatives and will continue its focus on organic growth. The company also plans to strengthen and build new relationships within the Sage community. “The acquisition of PayChoice by Sage presents a wonderful opportunity to bring new clients into the Sage family,” notes Merilyn. In addition, “we will continue to introduce current and new clients to Sage products that build on Sage 100 ERP with increased functionality, mobile and cloud-based solutions,” she concludes.

Partners In Technology

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Merilyn Van Zwieten, President

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