PASS Group: Smarter Quality Assurance Leveraging QMS

Dieter Speidel, CEO
With increased hardware and software options, more users, and shorter product cycle, the QMS landscape of today has become more convoluted than ever. To handle such an environment, enterprises depend upon effective QMS implementation that monitors the productivity of business model and provides enriched user experience. PASS Group, headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, offers new delivery models for quality assurance and testing solutions through optimized combination of on-site, outsourcing and crowd sourcing. “We provide an on-demand solution for getting digital products tested under real-world conditions by professional test engineers and real users representing the target audience,” says Dieter Speidel, CEO, PASS Group.

With their specialized service offerings in Quality Assurance and Testing, Verification and Validation, the company strives to optimize the QMS of its clients. “We constantly recognize new trends and design industry-specific and user-friendly solutions to address end-user demands,” asserts Speidel.

With their flagship product passbrains, PASS Group operates their own platform and community for crowdsourced application testing. This platform empowers test resource profiling, selection and engagement, issue tracking, collaboration and communication, knowledge sharing and reporting.

The benefits of the passbrains crowd testing platform are best demonstrated when PASS Group’s clients get immediate access to the capacity, skills and devices of thousands of testers worldwide. This allows for on-demand testing of web, mobile and enterprise applications, covering major mobile devices, system configurations, language versions and mobile network operators. “Our crowd sourced testing processes involve shortest lead time, usually two to three days for project setup. It also allows us to very quickly identify and engage the best skilled or best matching testers for projects,” explains Speidel. All members on the passbrains platform are continuously re-rated based on their performance and quality of their deliverables.
“passbrains ensures quick turnaround through agile testing approach and smooth workflow management. Our methodology guarantees highest functional and configurations coverage, which has never been possible through conventional testing in the lab” says Speidel.

One of the new features of passbrains is a second generation tester selection tool which will be made available in the SaaS solution for self-service customers soon. This tool builds filter queries based on tester profile parameters. Clients can select testers by any combination of demographic, skill-set, devices and configurations, previous projects participation, performance track records and rating parameters. Another unique passbrains feature is an interactive configurations-coverage optimizer that ensures enormous coverage of mobile devices, operating systems and browser versions in test cycles.

When it comes to the authenticity of QA performance to gain competitive edge, PASS Group has many successes. To illustrate, MundoDeportivo, Spanish nationwide sports daily, has engaged with PASS Group. passbrains has been engaged for a relaunch phase of three months of their online publication to fully take care of the quality assurance processes. The firm has been testing for performance, functionality and responsive design compatibility on a large scale of mobile devices, engaging mobile test experts and application users. For performance testing PASS Group combined 10’000 synthetic users with 50 real users – the significant outcome is a graph of the performance SLAs combined with the subjective performance perception of real users.

Going forward, PASS Group will further expand the functionality on their passbrains platform to support Open Innovation, Customer Experience and Product Testing. “We are planning to further expand our centers of excellence in Germany, Switzerland and India and to strengthen our representation and delivery centers in the U.K. and U.S. and build a new delivery center in Southeast Asia very soon” concludes Speidel.

PASS Group

Zürich, Switzerland

Dieter Speidel, CEO

A provider of scalable on-demand solutions through optimized combinations of on-site, outsourced and crowd sourced delivery models to offer comprehensive quality assurance and compliance of products at optimal performance and costs.