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Jan Kolář, CEO
With one of the most advanced transport routes in the Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic is the home to a competitive transportation market that has services distributed across diverse modes of transportation. In this aggressive marketplace, in the summer of 2017, FlixBus CZ, a franchise of FlixBus, a well-known bus service provider in Europe and other international lands, launched itself. All they needed were some new and innovative services to attract passengers in this new land of their operation. Though difficult, a close collaboration with the Czech Republic-based transportation management solution provider, Passengera, saved the day for FlixBus CZ.

From a premium onboard WiFi to an integrated infotainment platform and Internet-access-as-a-service, Passengera equipped FlixBus Czech Republic with varied technologies that would fit within the client’s business model. Also, these premium services came for a monthly fee and required no high investment. Within months of the service launch, FlixBus Czech Republic reported a rise in passenger satisfaction rate by 29 percent.

Within four years of initiating its operation, Passengera has amassed several such success stories to its credit; not only in the bus transportation sector but also in the railway and waterway transport. In 2016, Passengera deployed its solutions in Bernina Express covering the famous Unesco World Cultural Heritage route in Switzerland, in collaboration with Rhaetian Railway. In this rugged and one of the most difficult rail routes in the world, Passengera has been able to provide the travelers with its infotainment platform that comes with an interactive travel guide, internet connectivity, and onboard multimedia. Besides, Passengera also equips Rhaetian Railway with the passengers’ data analytics, enabling the company to gauge the passengers’ demands and provide tailored services. Passengera’s centralized and automated fleet management and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled travel assistant have also enhanced the passengers’ experience and curtailed the time consumed in customer care, both before and after the journey.

“This all-in-one modular solution makes Passengera unique and the leading innovator in the domain,” says Jan Kolář, CEO, Passengera. From solely being a software company focused on providing WiFi and Infotainment services for passengers, it took Passengera an extremely forward-looking mindset to evolve as a complete solution provider. Their story goes six years back, when Kolář, while presenting their case study at transportation focused conference, noticed that the upcoming trend of installing WiFi in public transport was growing at a global level. Consequently, he understood that he needed to develop solutions and services, moving beyond the concept of WiFi.

This all-in-one modular solution makes Passengera unique and the leading innovator in the domain

Currently, as transport operators are inclining more toward providing a door-to-door travelling experience to the passengers and want to know them more than ever, Kolář has been proved right. His early foresightedness in building a wholesome solution platform now allows Passengera to provide end-to-end solutions and also tailor-made integrations.

As a man of vision, Kolář now believes that AI and automation are going to steal the show in the transportation industry in the forthcoming years, in the wake of the transport providers inclining toward providing passengers with better travelling experience. Passengera is battle-ready for this transformation with its recently launched product, the AI-based Travel Assistant. Kolář says, “Tomorrow, when autonomous vehicles rule the industry, one platform would still be there to assist the passengers when they enter a self-drive car or bus, and it would enable them to navigate efficiently. That platform would be Passengera; this is where we are heading.”

However, as a passenger-oriented company, Passengera’s strategy is to be focused on the core business and work with selected partners across the world to provide localized customer support wherever it’s needed. With the help of these partners, Passengera serves its customers in Latin America, Africa, Northern US, Europe, and the Middle East. In fact, in order to reach its customers better, the company has recently established a branch office in Dubai.

Talking about the future, Kolář hinted toward an upcoming launch of a product, based on security that would help transport operators to automate the CCTV security coverage. “On the product front, AI, automation, and security are growing as our major focal points. We will continue providing premium connectivity and onboard engagement platform, our core solutions, which will keep delivering benefits to the transport operators and make the public transport more attractive,” concludes Kolář.



Jan Kolář, CEO

Passengera is a well-known information, entertainment and connected vehicle specialist. The company, supported by a strong international team of enthusiastic industry experts and professionals, offers connectivity solutions, communication and business platform for transport operators as in trains, buses, planes, cars and boats. It also develops infotainment systems that can run on selected third-party hardware with all featured modules, AI-driven onboard travel assistants and passenger information systems. Passengera provides a variety of solutions for the transportation industry, including customized hardware, Wi-Fi design, and hardware and application development. Also, Passengera's modular and variable all-in-one solution can provide a variety of services based on your needs