Passport: Revolutionizing Parking and Transit Systems

Bob Youakim, CEO
Boston, MA was able to revolutionize their street parking methodology—all thanks to Passport’s mobile payments solutions which allow both parking and transit users to easily pay from their mobile device, decreasing wait times at pay machines while driving compliance. “The methodology is effortless: simply download the app or access web/mobile browser, signup using phone number, verify the same. Once registered, after parking car, you need to enter the zone number and select the wait time, and pay once done,” explains Bob Youakim, CEO of Passport. As a result, in Boston alone, payments made through Passport’s app account for 30 percent of total parking revenue and parking meter revenue has increased by 11 percent. “This parking service works especially well in mixed-used retail (off-street) environments where customers may shop for extended periods of time, or at downtown restaurants (on-street) where diners don’t have to rush the check.”

Passport has proven experience in parking solutions for government, working with other cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and University clients including Michigan State, to implement smart city solutions in parking, transit, digital permitting, and citation management. The company provides an enterprise platform that gives decision makers complete control of their operations through a sophisticated all-in-one management portal. “We take advantage of our comprehensive platform to stay ahead of the competition, assuming the role of the innovation pace car,” adds Youakim. “Built to scale and adapt, we solve client pain points dynamically, building features and configuring controls for specific use cases in the field.”

Passport’s back office management portal gives clients the full capability to analyze the effectiveness of their software and use the data to manage their program. Being able to manage events, implement dynamic pricing, create eligibility programs for transit, and facilitate adjudication processes are some tools clients use to improve their operations.

According to Youakim, mobile payments help clients lower hardware costs—both capital and ongoing expenditures—to improve bottom line margins.

Built to scale and adapt, we solve client pain points dynamically, building features and configuring controls for specific use cases in the field

Mobile technology also allows clients to receive frequent updates and improved features without having to install or be in the field to take advantage. This keeps clients with the latest technology to service needs in any environment. “For our clients, mobile payments provide unique ways to both save on merchant processing and also build loyalty within their communities,” says Youakim. “Every client that has deployed our mobile wallet program has reduced the effective cost of processing credit cards, and many of those same clients take advantage of the flexibility to deploy promotional wallets.”

Passport offers a fully-integrated platform for payments and management for a variety of use cases currently focused on the parking and transportation value chain. Their ticketing and enforcement platform allows cities to efficiently issue violations and manage internal adjudication. “We leverage innovative technology to populate ticket density heat maps as well as live GPS officer route tracking—giving managers unparalleled views into their operations,” notes Youakim. “Transit will continue to become a main component of our platform. Cities are faced with increased complexity of mobility logistics and urbanization. Solving these issues through intelligent software is a main focus for us, giving cities and agencies insight they haven’t had before.”

Passport’s platform aims to increase efficiency and revenue with the resources they have available. “Chances are if one customer has an issue or request, then others also experience the same problem. Our goal as a company is to continue to develop tools for our clients that help solve their unique challenges,” concludes Youakim.


Wilmington, DE

Bob Youakim, CEO

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