pasUNITY: Seamless Integration and Automation for Hospitality Accounting Ecosystem

CIO VendorBill Euler, President & CEO Bill Euler’s professional experience as a CPA spans more than three decades in the fields of Accounting and Information Technology related to the back office operations for hotels and casinos. “Through my business travels, I have assimilated the secrets of successful global operations by understanding the business impact of varied cultural practices, people and systems,” says Euler, President and CEO, of PAS and pasUNITY. His strong focus on cloud computing and global application deployment models has resulted in over 1,000 successful hospitality back office accounting system deployments across 87 countries that provide clear insight into financial process best practices.

“The future profitability of hospitality is a unique model involving lower operating costs to support competitive room rates. Executing business processes and managing workflows seamlessly across the enterprise by leveraging the hybrid cloud is key,” notes Euler. In the hospitality sector, daily models for reporting, forecasting and driver based performance indicators are vital for managing operations in an agile way.
Often the best solution for an hotelier will be an amalgamation of best in class applications from multiple vendors, rather than a single, monolithic (ERP) package. The data thus spreads across disparate and incompatible systems and has to be shared, synchronized and seamlessly integrated for a fast and accurate reporting and accounting. “pasUNITY fills this void by providing the framework and tools to integrate systems which are not designed to interoperate with each other and does that in an automated fashion, greatly reducing dedicated personnel and human errors associated with manual processes,” explains Euler. pasUNITY is an integration Platform as a Service infrastructure designed exclusively for hoteliers. Leveraging emerging technologies, the platform offers a single, secure web location to operate and oversee the entire enterprise data movement and operation.

This simplifies and speeds the transfer of information that usually includes many steps, emails, failures, corrections and calls for help. pasUNITY’s advantages include a hybrid model which spans both on-premise and cloud applications; process automation and governance tools critical to operational oversight; all with an accounting focus and perspective. The platform requires no APIs and provides oversight on all processes in a cost effective way.

In an interesting installation case study, pasUNITY was deployed for a client having operations spanning 62 locations. At the time, it took the customer 45 days to aggregate and consolidate their monthly reports prior to deployment.
pasUNITY was able to bring down the lead time to a level where the client could literally extract and consolidate their entire operations in just few hours.

Next, as a proof of concept, PAS created a cloud-based back office solution, pasCLOUD, leveraging pasUNITY technology to deliver new levels of functionality, usability, connectivity, and insight across a hybrid cloud environment. pasCLOUD offers USALI standardization across the enterprise, and satisfies GAAP, IFRS and global statutory and tax, while eliminating the painful effort typically associated with application design, implementation and migration. In addition, pasCLOUD offers an unparalleled fast start methodology that can on-ramp properties in as little as 30 days.

“pasCLOUD is a totally elevated experience and provides much more than any application. Proven best practices, next generation tools specifically designed for hoteliers are all delivered through a proven and certified hybrid cloud infrastructure. We went back to the drawing board to create a new model. No one has ever seen anything packaged together like this,” adds Euler.

“The vision is to provide pasCLOUD as a single, easily adopted offering that seamlessly integrates with multiple systems and meets the challenges that the hospitality industry faces. Now, one can choose a solution built specifically for the hybrid cloud which facilitates centralization and oversight, switching the focus from managing software implementations to strategic decisions involving operations and improved analysis of data that is both timely and correct,” says Euler.


Las Vegas, NV

Bill Euler, President & CEO

Automates and integrates hospitality financial processes