Patient iP: Accelerating Clinical Trial Timelines

Mike Margiotta, Founder & CEO
Due to the increased complexities and rising costs of medical research, many clinical trials today fail to meet their stated timelines. Considering the leaps achieved in many other areas of research with process improvements and technologies including electronic data capture, the lack of progress in patient recruitment and enrollment hamstrings clinical trials from yielding the desired results. The right resources, tools, and technology to track and analyze data is essential for the success of any clinical trial. Patient identification Platform (Patient iP) has carved a niche for themselves by streamlining and accelerating trial design, site selection, and participant identification to bring therapies to market faster and more cost effectively. With a comprehensive and fully secure, HIPAA-compliant, platform, the Patient iP team is proving their mettle in bridging the gaps between research sites, life sciences, and contract research organizations (CROs).

Patient iP is fundamentally changing the mechanics of the clinical trials. The company, via its daTAscape offering, enables CROs and study sponsors to access de-identified, aggregated patient data from current electronic medical record (EMR) systems to support feasibility needs and protocol modeling. Additionally, the company’s Eligibility Engine enables the matching of patients to finalized trial requirements as defined by the inclusion and exclusion criteria of each protocol. With its advanced business process logic and cloud computing power, the solution suite has the speed to evaluate thousands of patient records in real-time.

“Our platform improves the historically manual and time-intensive process of site selection and subsequent patient matching for clinical trial participation,” notes Mike Margiotta, Patient iP’s Founder and CEO. “This is enormously helpful for clinical sites who have managed with manual processes for far too long.”

Patient iP relies on ambulatory EMR data to power its technology solutions given its position as a “source of truth” for patients unlike acute EMR data which only provides pieces of interventional patient medical history.
This approach of Patient iP furthers the trusted relationship between patients and their outpatient clinicians and moreover, leverages the wealth of EMR data sitting at most physician entities.

We are laser focused on delivering on our mission to curate one of the largest patient-centric, longitudinal clinical data sets by combining innovative technology solutions to advance clinical research

As a testimony to Patient iP’s proficiency in helping address customer challenges around front-end trial processes, Margiotta shares the success of a CRO that had multiple affiliated sites, each using a different EMR. For every protocol requiring patient recruitment, there was different interpretation of eligibility criteria by both staff and subsequently, the EMR. To that end, Patient iP aggregated and centralized the data from the different EMR systems into a single platform which was powered by the company’s patented algorithms. In concert these capabilitites enabled the CRO and its sites to identify the desired patient cohorts promptly, with consistency, and without having to search manually within the EMR systems, thereby aiding overall efficiency.

As 2017 winds down, Patient iP is set to expand its footprint across Europe, not ably the UK region. The firm will continue to develop its data scape in accordance with customer demands to enhance their platform for feasibility studies. The company is also actively engaging with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing to next drive the value of unstructured data from the EMR. “We are laser focused on delivering on our mission to curate one of the largest patient-centric, longitudinal clinical data sets by combining innovative technology solutions to advance clinical research,” concludes Margiotta.

Patient iP

Rochester, NY

Mike Margiotta, Founder & CEO

Patient iP is an interconnected health information platform accelerating the provision of data insight needed for transformative research, development and market placement of new therapies

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