patientNOW: Enhancing Patient Conversion and Retention so No One Falls through the Cracks

Jerry Jacobson, CEO
Jerry Jacobson, CEO, patientNOW, relates to a statement made by a surgeon, “I can get home early and can spend time with my family instead of spending hours on my notes in the office. That makes the investment in your software worth every dollar to me.” Working with plastic surgeons to develop software that meets the needs of these doctors from the beginning of their career through the development of their aesthetic medical practices, Jacobson realized that time is money for these physicians. The patientNOW software package is a platform that combines all the needs of a plastic surgery practice from a complete certified electronic medical record (EMR), to practice management and a patient engagement system all automated so as to free up staff and doctors from manual tasking and increase profitability through these efficiencies. Jacobson spent two years in a plastic surgeon’s office designing the software specifically for elective medical practices. In the ensuing eleven years the company has had thousands of improvements and enhancements to the software thanks to the feedback and suggestions from the practices that use the software as their office solution.

The CEO reports that most of their clients do not receive referrals or leads from any insurance company or hospital, these are small businesses that must generate their own leads and convert those prospective patients into procedures. Understanding these issues, patientNOW has built into their software platform an automated follow-up process called PAR that stands for Patient Acquisition and Retention. This system sets patientNOW apart from their competition and is one of the reasons they have been endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

The PAR system makes sure that no one falls through the cracks. Once a prospective patient has made an inquiry of a plastic surgeons practice and has been entered into the patientNOW system, they will be automatically touched through follow-up emails and/or texts through a professional process that promotes the surgeon, practice and the procedure of interest.
From the initial inquiry the PAR system can automatically send branded and customized emails that provide education on the doctor’s qualifications, the practice and staff, and education on the procedure of interest. All of these touches are designed to get the prospect to schedule and show up for a consultation.

A powerful tool for the surgeon to use in converting a prospect to become a patient is through before and after photos that are part of the patientNOW photo management software.

Using PAR is like having a patient coordinator with a perfect memory

Before the patient has their procedure the patientNOW platform continues to compliment the patient experience. From the comfort of their home, the patient can conveniently provide their medical history, medications, electronically sign general consent forms and other information the physician requires through the patientNOW portal. The information is transmitted securely through an encrypted link directly into the patient’s medical record.

The PAR system will automatically follow-up and send procedure anniversary emails and even birthday emails. The patientNOW philosophy is to continue to touch the patients in a professional manner in order to retain them and to gain their referrals.


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Jerry Jacobson, CEO

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