Patriot Technology Solutions: Spearheading Innovation in Insurance

Judith Haddad, President & CEO
According to seasoned technologist and entrepreneur, Judith Haddad, breaking free from the shackles of legacy technology is the pressing need in today’s insurance industry. She highlights the seismic shift in the insurance domain where certain CIOs are tapping into the potential of the InsurTech boom while others are clinging on to a ‘wait-and-see’ approach. However, a technology update is not a ‘DIY’ process. This is precisely why Patriot Technology Solutions (Patriot Technology) was established—to demystify and address the underlying complexity of legacy IT systems, business models, and lack of right skills and budgets in the property and casualty insurance industry. “We provide customer-driven insurance solutions, a core insurance suite, and professional consulting services that drive efficiency while assisting clients to focus on their core business,” says Judith, President and CEO, Patriot Technology.

Accentuating the need for agility in the changing insurance marketplace, Judith points out, “It’s no easy feat to ensure that a product has an evolution roadmap and incorporates the latest technologies and architectural models.” Challenging the traditional credos with its highly sought-after blend of technical expertise and industry know-how, Patriot Technology excels in addressing this conundrum with its state-of-the-art, innovative products— PN InsuranceExpert, InsurePay, InsurePay Plus, PN BidExpert, and DecisionUR. The firm assists insurance carriers and agencies in streamlining day-to-day operations, from soup to nuts.

To begin with, the firm’s flagship insurance value chain platform, PN InsuranceExpert, provides innovative policy, billing, and claims administration in a SaaS environment. The secure, sophisticated, scalable, interoperable, and highly configurable software solution allows seamless access to claims, billing, and policy data through intuitive dashboards and acts as a single console for streamlining workflows from quotes to policy administration to premium audit and more.

Shedding more light on the success of PN InsuranceExpert, Judith explains that normally a carrier invests heavily in infrastructure and replacing the legacy systems becomes a highly time-consuming undertaking. “With insurance technology experts onboard, we develop and implement industry-leading systems for clients in significantly less time than our competitors.
This ushers in huge advantages both in terms of cost and time for clients,” she adds.

To complement the InsuranceExpert platform, Patriot Technology offers additional products that enable insurance carriers to easily handle billing and claims. A simple, accurate, and flexible Pay-As-You-Go solution—InsurePay— provides insurance agents, carriers, policy holders, and payroll providers a way to handle complex traditional premium payment options. In addition, the firm’s recently launched premium finance payment solution—InsurePay Plus— enables policyholders’ the ability to accurately pay monthly financed premiums while giving premium finance companies the ability to easily collect monthly premiums. “InsurePay and InsurePay Plus are Billing-as-a-Service solutions that reduce the burden of insurers, agents, and carriers involved in the billing cycle by leveraging an engine that manages reconciliation, collects money using ACH, and reduces audit discrepancies by providing accurate and up-to-date data on payroll,” states Judith.

Patriot Technology is the ‘go-to’ partner for building and delivering applications that drive innovation in the insurance landscape

That’s not all. Two additional products that round out their offering include DecisionUR, a claim utilization review module that helps companies manage claims costs and PN BidExpert, which is the first of its kind online marketplace for the underwriting and risk management communities, creating a microcosm for underwriters and loss control engineers. In a nutshell, Patriot Technology is the ‘go-to’ partner for building and delivering applications that drive innovation in the insurance landscape.

Patriot Technology’s prowess in delivering novel solutions emanates from its talented team and collaborative culture where industry knowledge meets technology expertise. The company follows a disciplined approach, forming a more nuanced endeavor of competitiveness and cooperation. With years of experience in the industry, the team behind Patriot Technology aims to reach stellar heights “as we know what it takes to keep an insurance business running,” concludes Judith.

Patriot Technology Solutions

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Judith Haddad, President & CEO

Provider of customer-driven insurance solutions, a core insurance suite, professional and consulting services for the property and casualty insurance industry

Patriot Technology Solutions