PatronManager: All-in-one CRM Platform with 360-degree View of Patrons

Nothing can validate the quality and efficacy of a solution more than a client’s nod. Having garnered many such positive feedbacks while assisting a variety of clients, PatronManager—a provider of integrated CRM, box office ticketing, fundraising, and marketing solutions for arts organizations—proudly considers itself an effective problem-solver. A testimonial from one of the company’s clients reads, “Our single ticket sales increased dramatically by 122 percent and our subscription renewals by 22 percent. Also, we increased our annual giving by 57 percent in the past six years.” The client achieved this tremendous growth using PatronManager, which singlehandedly improves everything from an organization’s targeted marketing and effective fundraising to boosting ticket sales and providing efficient customer service at the box office.

The consolidation of these diverse solutions into a single Salesforce-based platform is what differentiates PatronManager from its competitors in benefiting arts, culture, and live entertainment organizations. In addition, the product enables task collaboration across several departments within an organization, thus providing every worker with a 360-degree view of their patrons. “The ability to provide a360-degree view coupled with the all-inclusive nature of our platform is welcomed by everyone in the market and is our biggest selling point,” remarks Christa Avampato, Director of Product Development.

The business operations and non-profit fundraising for art and culture organizations often go hand in hand, with an overlapping of patrons on both sides. Therefore, if a theater company is trying to attract donors—mostly from among the spectators—then the performance on stage needs to strike a chord with them as they are also the prospective donors. In order to do that, organizations require an all-encompassing system for ticketing, fundraising, and marketing, which also helps them track the audience’s activity including patrons who watch the performances frequently. Organizations can interact with such patrons, make them feel known, or even upsell them for a small amount of money.
“These personalized interactions not only enable clients to build long-lasting relationships with patrons but also improve their chances of securing donations,” adds Michelle Paul, Managing Director of the company.

The latest addition to PatronManager’s platform is a text-to-donate feature that sends targeted messages and links them to patrons’ records in the database. “This allows arts organizations to follow up with patrons later, along with thanking and encouraging them for donations in the future,” mentions Rachel Hands, Director of Client Administration. Also, being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem enables organizations to manage tasks—including art classes, cultural tours, and behind-the-scenes events—that are beyond the scope of ticketing and fundraising but crucial to engage the audience.

Corroborating the effectiveness of PatronManager’s solutions is a client that witnessed a remarkable rise in their online as well as offline sale, with 80 percent tickets being sold online. “In terms of cumulative revenue, our customers have experienced 24.3 percent growth while the figure was just 8.2 percent nationally,” points Michelle. With a client-centric approach as its driving force, PatronManager organizes an annual community conference where clients demonstrate how they benefited from the company’s platform. PatronManager also unveils the upcoming set of features and functionalities in these annual meetings.

PatronManager’s roadmap revolves around introducing features that enhance the usability of its solutions for clients and their patrons as well as its own staff. “We look forward to collaborating with Greencopper—PatronManager’s sister product under Patron Technology that builds mobile apps for music festivals—and implementing features that are relevant for our art clients,” states Michelle. PatronManager is also expanding its reach to museums, cinema houses, film festivals, and every other organization with a structure that can benefit from PatronManager’s solutions.


New York, NY

Michelle Paul, Managing Director, Rachel Hands, Director of Client Administration and Christa Avampato, Director of Product Development

Provides Salesforce-based platform with integrated customer relationship management, box office ticketing, fundraising, and marketing solutions