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Jerry Portocalis, Senior Vice President
What is common among most CIOs of large scale utilities and other enterprises? They are all concerned about cyber security and credit card fraud. As the trend of online payment is taking the whole business community—including utilities—under its umbrella, CIOs are grappling to build robust data security perimeters around their offerings, while maintaining a commendable customer experience. To meet the stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulations is another uphill battle; many utility CIOs are fighting without having viable assets at their disposal to leverage. Extending their arsenal of reliable and comprehensive payment solutions, Charlotte, NC headquar-tered Paymentus is enabling CIOs to heave a sigh of relief. “CIOs recognize that user experience is not about the look and feel of the screens, but about offering valued functionality and simplicity-of-use for the end user,” says Jerry Portocalis, Senior Vice President, Paymentus. “Ultimately, this is what leads to greater adoption of electronic services and less calls to the contact center.”

The reason behind the growing traction for Paymentus’ next generation utility platform lies in its ability to address the concerns of credit card fraud and PCI compliance issues. “By analyzing customer usage behavior and trends over the years, we have created a platform that is simple to use and confers a unified user experience for utility organizations,” says Portocalis. As a direct result of this, over 1,000utilities have chosen Paymentus’ electronic bill payment platform for its ability to provide real-time transaction visibility to improve customer service, while offering simplified payment options to reduce their cost of collections. The bill payment platform also delivers the right information at the right time, notifying end users of upcoming payments or changes in their account. “With our platform, our clients are able to deliver a consistent experience across all channels and devices: whether that is an automated phone transaction, a text payment, or a traditional online payment via a PC,” says Portocalis.

In the domain of PCI, Paymentus has hand crafted a fully hosted platform, which simplifies payment security and PCI compliance by removing payment data from client’s networks and processes.

Our clients benefit from a multi-channel, mobile bill-pay solution that embraces user preferences with payment options by text, mobile email, mobile browser, app, and voice

“Our client’s benefit because all network, devices, processes, and employees are completely removed from the purview of PCI,” adds Porto¬calis. “CIOs enjoy the benefit of having a fully-hosted platform that helps them reduce their PCI footprint.” The solution has enabled various utility companies to find solace from dire authorized access of payment card information and expenses re¬lated to compliance.

“Customer experience and contextual en¬gagement is a fundamental and integral part of our offering,” says Portocalis on their mission to keep customers their first priority. Paymentus leverages big data analytics to keep tabs on usage trends and preferences in the utility sector, in order to bring the necessary up-gradation in the platform to meet the needs of the customers. Speaking of the needs, to deliver an optimal customer experience, utility organizations today are supposed to develop products that are compatible to work across various types of mobile devices. “Our clients benefit from a multi-channel, mobile bill-pay solution that embraces user preferences with payment options by text, mobile email, mobile browser, app, and voice,” says Portocalis.

In the coming years, Paymentus will be seen investing heavily in new technology to ensure their billing platform has the fundamental features of enterprise-level stability, scalability, and security. “Inno-vation has proven to be great for our business,” says Portocalis, “as many of North America’s largest investor-owned utilities have opted to use Paymentus as their Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) provider, citing proven stability and industry-leading up-time as their primary driver for moving.”


Charlotte, NC

Jerry Portocalis, Senior Vice President

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