PBG Networks: Leveraging the Power of Office 365

Scott Brousseau, CTO
Since its inception in 1996, PBG Networks is thriving as an enterprise solution, infrastructure services, and applications development firm, focusing on systems integration and Microsoft IT consulting. “We have continued to focus on emerging technologies and assist our customers in utilizing them efficiently,” says Scott Brousseau, CTO at PBG Networks. Brousseau continues, “Today, Microsoft’s Office 365 has changed the game with cloud computing, allowing companies to simplify their IT environment by moving on-premises servers to the cloud. But organizations are still leery about adopting Office 365 because they fear loss of data or inadequate security and compliance.” PBG Networks instills confidence in customers by closely engaging with them in their cloud journey. “We show our customers the value proposition of our multi-layered services, implemented by experienced staff, to provide seamless enterprise grade security and cloud experience for Office 365,” adds Brousseau.

For PBG Networks, it is about making organizations comfortable with cloud technology by using PBG’s proven methodology of discovery and analysis, proof of concept, and implementation or migration. “To do this, we’ve developed an Office 365 Readiness Assessment,” highlights Brousseau. The Office 365 Readiness Assessment is a tool that enables PBG Networks to evaluate any IT environment, analyze its demands, and design a strategy for customers that specifically meets their business goals. “Our customers get an in-depth roadmap for successfully implementing Office 365, without compromising security, compliance, and data integrity. After our customers approve the roadmap, we move to the ‘design process,’ developing a cloud solution that is easy for customers to manage and maintain.”

For companies where a hybrid cloud model works best, PBG Networks also offers hybrid solutions, allowing organizations to utilize the elastic capabilities of the cloud while keeping some server applications on-premises. This option is chosen when it is determined that certain applications must remain on-premises. PBG Networks can help organization make this determination and proceed forward. Once the deployment or migration is complete, PBG Networks will assist in training staff in the day-to-day functions of Office 365 via a Learning Management System (LMS).

Our customers get an in-depth roadmap for successfully implementing Office 365, without compromising security, compliance, and data integrity

PBG Networks has assisted various industry giants to reap the benefits of the cloud. One New Jersey-based educational institution successfully deployed Office 365 to streamline operations between various campuses. “They started off with a fragmented environment that was an impediment to their growth. Originally, they used e-mail to share data and collaborate on projects,” explains Brousseau. “However, we used our Assessment tool to help them effectively deploy Office 365. Now, they have a more effective and secure way to collaborate and transmit data across multiple campuses.”

Behind such successful projects lays the expertise of various Microsoft-certified professionals like PBG’s technical lead, Peter Abreu MCP, MCTS, MCTIP, MCT, Senior SharePoint, and Cloud Architect. Peter offers extensive experience crafting solutions for SharePoint in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid environments. Peter has consulted for companies like Merck, Wyeth, IBC, The Federal Reserve, and The Treasury Department, and served as one of the lead Senior SharePoint/Cloud Architects for U.S. Department of the Treasury. He is responsible for providing technical direction and overseeing the technical resources.

Going forward, PBG Networks is planning to develop and release a major cloud solution that will be a one-stop-shop for security, managed services, network monitoring, and disaster recovery. This future strategy is in line with Microsoft’s Office 365 roadmap so that PBG’s customers remain agile and efficient.

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Scott Brousseau, CTO

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