PCA Technology Group: The Managed IT Services All-rounder

Mike Olfano, CEO The flexibility and strength of IT systems contribute significantly to an organization’s growth. Many businesses, however, rely on a mix of different technologies and tools from different vendors to augment their IT infrastructure. Consequently, it becomes difficult for organizations to effectively manage their IT assets and embark on a digital transformation journey to improve their operations.

The presence of this wide range of products also requires IT teams to update and patch them on regular intervals to avoid security incidents. Given the lack of IT talent in the market and the tight schedule of in-house IT staff, completing these tasks becomes an added challenge.

The situation necessitates businesses to have the right partner that can work as an extension of their internal teams and exercise their extensive knowledge in technology to help build a secure IT environment that supports all the critical business requirements.

This is an area where PCA Technology Group excels.

“Cybersecurity is an integral part of our managed services offerings,” says Mike Olfano, CEO of PCA Technology Group. “It’s not an add-on. From business continuity and disaster recovery to external vulnerability scan, we have the capability to cover a wide spectrum of services based on clients’ requirements.”

Since 1989, PCA Technology Group has been a partner of choice for businesses’ IT needs. The company tailors its services according to clients’ unique needs to ensure the best outcomes. It allows organizations to maximize the ROI from their IT investments, minimize operational downtime, and remain compliant with regulations.

PCA Technology Group’s managed services go beyond just designing a healthy IT infrastructure. The company designs the perfect roadmap to drive clients toward IT maturity. They have also been developing custom software solutions for a broad range of businesses and industries – all of which are not adequately served by disparate systems.

Listening is Caring

Having decades of experience in the managed IT services space, PCA Technology Group understands that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to addressing the critical IT requirements of businesses.

“Every business is different, so are their needs. No one probably understands this better than us,” says Olfano. “We have designed a five-pronged approach to ensure complete satisfaction for clients. We call it the five-star customer experience.”

Every client engagement of PCA Technology Group starts with listening. The company converses with clients to understand their challenges, inefficiencies, and the overall business.
The following step entails discovery, where PCA Technology’s experts take a deep dive into clients’ existing processes, networks, and infrastructure to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and IT needs.

PCA Technology Group then moves to the recommendation phase to suggest the best IT approach that aligns well with the client’s overall business needs, initiatives, and growth goals. This is followed by implementing the right-sized technology that ensures cost savings and peace of mind. In the last stage, PCA Technology Group conducts periodic business reviews to customize the solutions according to the evolving business requirements. More importantly, the company keeps clients updated regarding their services and provides a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Maxed Out Technology Partnerships

PCA Technology Group’s comprehensive approach toward serving clients is complemented by its strong partner ecosystem, which enables the firm to provide a wide range of technology recommendations. For example, the company has partnered with WatchGuard, a leading Seattle-based network security vendor. WatchGuard has one of the best partner ecosystems with resources throughout their organization committed to supporting partners and clients. PCA utilizes three of WatchGuard’s products, including edge protection, the firewall, and cybersecurity tools, to prevent zero day attacks. Another important partner of PCA Technology Group is Datto for Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM), providing PCA specialists the ability to get a real-time view of the client’s network and help maintain its health and integrity.

“Cybersecurity is an Integral Part of Our Managed Services Offering. It’s not an Add-On”

PCA deploys cutting-edge Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions that protect clients from financial loss in case of disruptive events, helps them comply with industry regulations with regard to data management, and gives organizations the ability to recover to regular working conditions as soon as possible. PCA Technology Group’s strategic partnerships include Microsoft, whose solutions are leveraged to propose, design, and implement web, mobile and desktop software offerings, collaboration and cloud platforms, and computing solutions that drive the modern workplace.

Teaming with the right people gets you to the right places – and the same goes for PCA Technology Group’s partnership with Ruckus Networks CommScope. In today’s world, so much is reliant upon your wireless infrastructure. It affects how you live, work, and play. Ruckus has indoor and outdoor wireless access points to fit virtually any budget, performance requirement, or deployment scenario. Whether you’re challenged with high client density, Wi Fi unfriendly building materials, or demanding end users, these access points provide secure and reliable connectivity.

PCA Technology Group is also an active member of the Ingram Micro Trust X Alliance, a powerful network of elite technology service providers driven by the mission to enable success through the use of technology. This equips the company with access to industry best practices that they can utilize to holistically address clients’ IT needs.
PCA leverages additional vendor resources like Ingram’s Cloud Marketplace to serve clients better.

Standing the Test of Time

PCA Technology Group’s partnerships are a testament to its zeal to serve clients better and drive them toward success no matter how difficult the situation is. Even during the trying times of the pandemic, the company was quick to adapt to the situation and help clients weather the storm.

During the pandemic, organizations were driven to move their IT assets to the cloud in order to support remote working and ensure smooth operations. However, in doing so, many of them could not emphasize cybersecurity. PCA Technology Group proved to be a savior in this regard. The firm utilized its extensive technical knowledge and cutting-edge tools to help clients securely move to the cloud, enabling them to quickly adapt to the changing market reality and remain functional. This client-centric approach has enabled PCA Technology Group to maintain a longstanding relationship with several customers across different industries, including healthcare, finance, and non-profits.

When It Comes To The Security Of it Assets, There Is No One-Size-Fits All Approach. Every Business Is Different, So Are Their Needs. No One Probably Understands This Better Than Us

“With the growing reliance on cloud and the increase in the hybrid infrastructure, businesses today need to ensure the security of a huge amount of data. We help them in this journey,” says Olfano.

PCA Technology Group recognizes that without a capable team, an MSP can’t achieve excellence. To this end, the company has built a team that asks themselves a question every day:” What does it take to win? “They seek opportunities, strive to achieve excellence, and deny succumbing to pressure. PCA Technology Group always encourages its people to tell the truth and exceed customer expectations by providing an exemplary customer experience through timely, thorough, productive, and friendly customer service.

To further up its ante, PCA Technology Group aims to make its cybersecurity services more viable to serve a larger clientele. The coming years will witness the company significantly increasing its footprint across different states beyond New York. In addition, PCA Technology Group is looking forward to becoming the premier cloud consultant.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, businesses are struggling to ensure the security of their IT infrastructure and automate the processes for seamless operations. A partner like PCA Technology Group can do wonders in this regard by guiding companies in the right direction to succeed with technology.

PCA Technology Group

Buffalo, NY

Mike Olfano, CEO and Stephen Neuss, Director of Sales

PCA Technology Group tailors its services according to the unique needs of clients to ensure best-in-class outcomes. As a result, organizations can maximize ROI from their IT investment, minimize operational downtime, and remain compliant with regulations.

PCA Technology Group