PCCW Global: Delivering Next-Generation Network Designs

Marc Halbfinger, CEO
With the convergence of cloud, social media, and enterprise mobility driven by BYOD, the Unified Communications (UC) industry is transforming. PCCW Global has been at the forefront of the paradigm shift and offers a fully-managed and hosted cloud-based UC service as an OPEX model which, among other features, allows remote workers to take advantage of mobility features that integrate PBX and conferencing capabilities directly into mobile end-points.

With coverage of more than 3,000 cities in 140 countries, PCCW Global’s extensive network supports Quality of Service features across a portfolio of integrated global communication solutions based on the latest Ethernet, IP, fiber and satellite transmission technologies. “Our worldwide coverage comes complete with seasoned on-the ground expertise with capabilities to serve the developed world as well as the dynamic emerging markets,” says Marc Halbfinger, CEO, PCCW Global.

PCCW Global provides enterprise voice and video services from the cloud. “With the help of VoIP and SIP technology, we have moved delivery of services traditionally provided from on-premise solutions to the PCCW Global cloud, while assuring service availability, quality, and network security remain seamlessly,” says Halbfinger. PCCW Global has deployed a carrier-grade SD and HD voice platform at the network core to deliver a full range of PBX features such as dial-in, dial-out, call transfer, call hold, n-way conferencing, voice-to-email and remote working.

In addition, PCCW Global enables staff to utilize HD video intelligently by ignoring physical boundaries when interacting face-to-face with colleagues. “Users can collaborate in conference with participants from any telepresence, video room system, personal desktop video end-points, smartphones, or tablets,” says Halbfinger. All this is easily extended to facilitate intercompany video conferencing and even switched network to network video conferencing.

PCCW Global recently acquired Voxclever, a European UCaaS provider who have developed industry leading service orchestration capability for UC. The platform provides full automation of all UC elements, giving service providers and enterprises complete transparency and control over their communications services via an intuitive customer portal.
Last year, PCCW Global also acquired Crypteia Networks, a threat intelligence and analytics company. “We have added Crypteia’s powerful network forensics solutions to our existing perimeter and host-based cyber security capabilities which in turn help IT professionals protect against sophisticated threats,” adds Halbfinger.

Since inception, PCCW Global has offered enterprises its best-in-class network design coupled with aggressive customer service, that delivers the highest level of reliability, efficiency, security, flexibility and quality. In one instance, a multinational company running a contact centre in multiple locations was suffering substantial running costs and agent quality control issues. PCCW Global re¬placed local on-premise structures with a solution comprising of cloud-based call-recording combined with global networking capability. “Our cloud-based contact centre solution delivered a consistent service and enhanced user experience irrespective of location,” explained Halbfinger. This helped the company monitor conversations at all times and reduced significant capex and opex required to maintain local infrastructure in various countries.

Halbfinger believes that SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) will be essential for the future of the Unified Communications industry. “PCCW Global has been deploying SDN and virtualization applications for some time, and is consistently evolving its network in order to offer related products and services to the benefit of customers,” Halbfinger concludes.

We match global network coverage with local on-the ground expertise to serve multinational companies and service providers with the latest applications and communications services

PCCW Global

Virginia, US

Marc Halbfinger, CEO

A telecommunications provider, offering integrated global communications solutions which include Ethernet solutions, IP solutions, fibre and satellite transmission solutions, managed services and solutions, international voice and VoIPX services