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CIO VendorAlan Bechara, President
With the booming success of IT infrastructure, data management in the public sector has become easier. However, with the enormous growth of data—personal details on citizens, government workings, student information, and sensitive files—public sector companies demand a secure environment for data storage and management. The data load is further heightened by the large number of people accessing the public networks. Though public sector IT networks can be upgraded frequently, each step of the process needs to be carefully executed to remove any risk of data corruption or breach. PCMG, a value-added reseller of IT products and services to public sector customers, offers technology practices that are built around the areas of Mobility, Networking, Data Center, Software and Cloud.

“Our system assesses the current IT architecture, makes recommendations to the customer, and designs, builds and manages the solutions provided,” says Alan Bechara, President of PCMG. Implementation and maintenance of the architecture requires robust tools that the ISO 9001:2008 certified company is able to deliver through strong ties with its business partners. “Our relationships and stellar certifications give us the ability to provide technology from handheld to datacenter solutions, with expertise in individual productivity, to large enterprise installations and support,” beams Bechara. The company operates three logistics and configuration centers in the U.S. for staging inventory and providing advanced logistics services that include custom imaging, server configuration, and asset tagging and reporting. They also provide consulting services focused on integrating business technology solutions with best-in-class hardware, software, and services. The company’s outsourcing services provide managed IT support with integrated operation and service desks for 24x7 support. In addition, PCMG has field service-teams for on-site and dispatch requirements in their arsenal of services.

Over the years, PCMG has evolved to become a trusted advisor as they fol¬low a simple, yet effective, approach—being in constant communication with the client.
As Bechara explains, “One of our key strategies involves having a strong inside sales presence to address the needs of our customers. We achieve this through daily calls, field sales for high level consultative approach, and a strong follow-up to let each of our customers know that PCMG services are available long after the sale is completed.” To support the unique challenges faced by its public sector clients, PCMG also operates separate teams dedicated to federal, state and local, and educational institutions. This focus helps PCMG to attain strength and experience in each segment. “Our customers are in virtually all agencies of the Federal government; most of the 50 states; many county and municipal governments; and both K-12 and higher educational institutions,” claims Bechara.

The Integrated Operations Center (IOC) and Service Desk technical specialists can monitor, manage, and support IT environments to ensure continuous operations and provide a single-point of contact. Agencies and schools that choose PCMG’s managed IT services can save time, reduce operational costs, and improve the productivity and availability of internal resources to focus on their mission and maintaining the integrity of their information.

We have built our reputation on quality processes supported by certifications and accreditations at the highest levels

“We are among the leading Value Added Resellers in the nation, which allows us to provide world-class solutions and services,” says Bechara. The company’s widespread resources include a quality workforce, which is distributed globally, customer services, and customer briefing centers. In addition, they have SSAE 16 Type II data centers, three configuration centers, ITIL v3 service management, and seventy parts and inventory locations worldwide. “Our unparalleled success is a process of continuous improvement and innovation. For the future of PCMG, we plan to expand our stellar solutions and services,” concludes Bechara.


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Alan Bechara, President

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