PDWare: ResourceFirst for Efficient PPM

Peter Heinrich, President & CEO
The ever-increasing penetration of technology necessitates effective management of multiple projects. This has resulted in a greater utilization of software tools in project portfolio management (PPM) to assist and automate processes. Much of the early work on PPM is concentrated on the management of IT projects, largely from the perspective of resource planning and risk management.

While running a business, often project managers find it difficult to keep track of the employee community, their skills, and the projects they work on. “Our approach is to have a simple data collection methodology which gets most current credible data from functional managers and project managers that brings together data with complete transparency to analyze and report in a significant manner,” begins Peter Heinrich, President & CEO, Portfolio Decisionware (PDWare). Headquartered in New York, PDWare facilitates organizations to define project portfolios, track work, and provides expertise required to utilize resources and manage change effectively with minimal administrative overhead.

“ResourceFirst is our cloud-based PPM product that highlights resource management and helps resource managers solve their planning and management problems in a very simple and elegant manner,” says Heinrich. PDWare helps customers to resolve the staffing problems they face while accomplishing their projects. ResourceFirst is hosted and therefore is quick to implement and is accessible to everyone. It offers solutions to build an optimized portfolio that provides the visibility across project management processes.

Partnered with Microsoft, PDWare solutions are easy to use and deploy. “The partnership provides us a lot of options for our customers. In addition, to our browser client, we offer a robust MS Excel front end which is primarily used for scenario planning, complex analysis, and rapid data entry,” explains Heinrich.

Additionally, for promoting resource planning and PPM thought leadership, PDWare holds The Resource Planning Summit annually.

ResourceFirst is our cloud-based PPM product that helps resource managers solve their resource planning and management problems in a simple and elegant manner

It attracts people who face different resource problems who are looking for real-world answers and best practices. For example, a very large medical device company while attending PDWare’s summit disclosed their projects were being delayed by months. The company formed a panel and used PDWare’s product for a year. Upon implementation maturity, the medical company was able to finish 75 percent of their projects on time.

“The primary source of innovation for us has been our experienced team and the people in our customer community who identify problems and challenges,” extols Heinrich. Fostering a collegial work environment, PDWare builds solutions through rapid prototyping to deal with big problems in a creative and highly effective manner.

A factor that sets PDWare apart is their open system, which quickly substantiates a database into a customer’s configuration elements. The company takes data available in almost any form and transforms it into excel format or comma-separated value format and places the same in their product in order to resolve the issues that customers face.

At present, PDWare is aggressively adding functions to ResourceFirst and their excel-based product called PDWare Portfolio that is used by PMOs. Moving forward, “We are planning a mobile interface so our customers can manage projects and track time via their phones. We are planning to expand greatly in terms of putting the functionalities that we have on to the mobile platforms,” concludes Heinrich.


New York, NY

Peter Heinrich, President & CEO

Helps organizations define project portfolios, track work, staffing requirements, and manage change effectively with minimal administrative overhead