Peak 10: Customized IT Solutions for Unique Business Needs

Dave Jones, Chairman & CEO
The wave of technologies, which includes cloud computing, mobility and social media are tremendously transforming enterprises and fundamentally altering the IT infrastructure. These advancements have created an exciting phase for CIOs to step into new opportunities, unlocking immense business values. However, the evolution of IT faster than the capability of most of the organization to leverage its benefits is generating immense concern amongst CIOs. In such a scenario, Peak 10 provides tailored and reliable IT infrastructure solutions for mid-market businesses to tap into the latest technologies. The company helps firms grab the opportunities provided by the convergence of cloud, mobile, social and big data, which is reshaping the IT world.

Peak 10’s business acumen lies in customizing solutions from a portfolio of secured cloud solutions, cost-saving managed services, enterprise-class data center space and reliable network services to meet organizations’ specific technical challenges. Most mid-market businesses find it distracting to maintain an in-house data center facility, and prefer co-locating their data center offsite to stay focused on business objectives. The company collaborates with firms to design and deliver a data center expansion or migrated solution to achieve their business objectives. The company’s data centers ensures ideal physical environment for clients’ equipment to provide constant operations. Along with the data center facilities, Peak 10’s reliable network services create a strong background to connect organizations with remote networks, business partners, content providers, carriers, and internet service providers. Organizations can access their applications and data whenever required, with secure internet access and private network services to meet business demands.

For an organization to quickly and effectively extend their IT infrastructure, reliable cloud hosting partners are essential. Peak 10 designs and deploys public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures, supporting critical applications to run the business. While minimizing disruption and up-front costs, the company also assures performance, privacy, and regulatory compliance, demanded by firms and their customers.

We provide our customers avant-garde services required to keep an IT infrastructure up-to-date, safe and performing at its peak

Customers are also able to leverage additional cloud services like disaster recovery, cloud storage and cloud-enabled applications for superior flexibility and resilience.

“We provide our customers avant-garde services required to keep the IT infrastructure up-to-date, safe, and performing at its peak,” says Dave Jones, Chairman and CEO, Peak 10. Whether a firm adds managed services to their Peak 10 environment or purchases them on their own, they are empowered with a degree of expertise that is hard to build on in-house team. For instance, Benchmark Hospitality International— an organization functioning in the management and marketing of resorts, hotels, and conference centers wanted to scale up IT infrastructure as their business expanded. Benchmark needed the ability to increase uptime and support staff without making large capital investments in infrastructure or additional personnel. Peak 10 provided the company with a hybrid model that leveraged its existing hardware investment, along with a cloud service. As a result, Benchmark was able to meet its business goals, with the ability to provide each hotel and resort with the infrastructure and bandwidth needed to effectively run the business.

In a cookie-cutter IT solutions market, Peak 10 architects production and business-critical workloads, tailoring services for firms’ unique needs. Recently, Peak 10 announced the release of its latest tiered offering—Recovery Cloud Premium, Recovery Cloud Prime, and Recovery Cloud Essentials, which will allow customers to build tailored demand response programs. This new solution will also ensure rapid recovery of mission-critical applications and minimal data loss in the event of a failure.

Peak 10

Charlotte, NC

Dave Jones, Chairman & CEO

Tailored, reliable IT infrastructure solutions for mid-market businesses