Pegasus Solutions: A New Chapter in a Long Legacy of Innovation for Hoteliers

Sean Lenahan, CEO “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” —Mahatma Gandhi.

The continued evolution of Pegasus―a leading global provider of hospitality technology and services―inspires the same motivation epitomized in Gandhi’s words. At its inception, Pegasus was born from the idea that a digital era was on the horizon and that innovative distribution technology would uniquely empower hotels to distribute their product electronically to guests across all sales channels globally, beginning with travel agents. The company’s inception traces back to 1988 when 16 of the world’s largest hotel chains came together to fund a joint venture company named “The Hotel Industry Switch Company” or THISCO. This industry-first event that gave birth to enterprise electronic distribution technology and presaged the rapid growth of e-commerce in travel.

Founded by enterprise hotel chains for enterprise hotel chains, Pegasus’ initial investment pioneers were leading brands in hospitality: Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, Westin, Choice, Cendant, Forte, LeMeridian, Promus (Embassy Suites), Reed/ Utell, Swissotel, Fairmont, Holiday Inns, Intercontinental Hotels, and Radisson. These chains partnered with the company to build an incredible new technology, the UltraSwitch, which for the first time enabled hotels to connect seamlessly to travel agents and their travelling clients through all Global Distribution System (GDS) channels. As hospitality evolved, so did the company’s products, retaining its market leadership position by introducing new demand channels globally as travel commerce increasingly moved online in the internet era.

By the turn of the 21st century, THISCO acquired Arizona-based RezSolutions (formerly Anasazi) and their market leading enterprise Central Reservation System (CRS) technology, RezView. Built to support massive scale and high-volume transaction processing with robust reliability, this preeminent enterprise software solution created a large groundswell of change in the industry as the best of distribution technology was integrated with the leading CRS in the marketplace. Already supporting large chains from the start, the company continued to convince more of the world’s largest brands to migrate their reservations operations onto its new distribution platform, securing its lead position in enterprise hotel technology.

Most companies at this point might have paused to reflect on success. Deeply committed to pushing the industry’s boundaries, however, Pegasus soon acquired the premier global ‘hotel representation’ provider, “Utell,” to use its industry-leading comprehensive suite of services to improve competitiveness at tens of thousands of independent hotels globally. Following a period of rapid change through acquisitions, new products and customers, the company rebranded as Pegasus Solutions, serving more than 35 enterprise hotel chains and another 11,000 independent properties globally.

"Pegasus is and always has been uniquely enterprise in everything we do at our very core"

Rebuilt with fresh talent and ideas as of 2014, Pegasus is led by a new leadership team that blends the best of hospitality expertise with fresh thinking from other technology verticals in the finance, retail, e-commerce, mobile advertising, B2C internet and B2B software industries. Pegasus’ global organization is now focused on returning the company to its innovative roots, enhancing the foundation of its platform and rolling out new and differentiated products.

Our mission is to help hoteliers effortlessly connect with their guests and power relationships that last a lifetime

In 2016, following an 18-month effort, Pegasus updated its underlying technology to a state-of-the-art, 21st-century architecture, increasing its scalability fourfold, generating better than 99.98 percent uptime, and producing the industry’s best response times for online queries and shopping. The Pegasus Reservations Platform today is a combination of time-tested and contemporary technology that processes over 11 billion booking query transactions per year and nearly 1 million bookings per month. With its core technology strengthened and built to support enterprise customers for the next decade, Pegasus followed by introducing two ground breaking product suites―an ultra-simple, mobile-first booking engine and its new business intelligence software solution, Pegasus Analytics. Both market driven solutions drive intelligence and actionable insights for hoteliers’ top-line results as well as offer productivity metrics and data to help hotels better manage their operational expenses.

Helping Hoteliers’ Take Back Control of their Technology

To comprehend the paradigm shift that Pegasus has driven across the hospitality-tech industry over the years, it is important to shed light on the uniquely raw power of Pegasus’ underlying technology and the breadth of its enterprise services. In a modern day digital economy where hoteliers must quickly adapt to an increasing number of demand channels (e.g., Expedia, Trivago), exponential growth in shopping queries due to mobile commerce, and interoperability challenges between different IT systems, the company is focused on simplifying technology and helping hotels regain control on how and where their room inventory is being sold and at what rates. Pegasus has invested significantly to open its technology via extremely robust API’s that enhance connectivity with other systems. Additionally, they’ve introduced an industry-leading support model that includes leisure and corporate demand generation and marketing capabilities. Its enterprise solution suite is further expanded to accommodate nearly all operational support a hotel chain may require for its corporate headquarters and its call center operation.

The CEO of Pegasus Solutions, Sean Lenahan says, “It’s a fact Pegasus software has always been uniquely and natively built for enterprise hotel chains and that Pegasus systems and its teams have more experience serving chains than any other business in the history of the hospitality industry. Our software was not built for independents and modified for chains―Pegasus is and has always been uniquely enterprise at our very core. Our mission is to help hoteliers effortlessly connect with their guests and power relationships that last a lifetime. Fundamentally, our technology must maximize bottom-line profitability for hotel owners through global connectivity, intelligent pricing and open, simple and intuitive technology that empowers hotels to free themselves from system constraints with deep data insights to improve operational productivity.”

At the core of Pegasus’ solution suite is a state-of-the-art SaaS based CRS―the Pegasus Reservations Platform―that helps steer the entire distribution world into a state where it has strong consistency of information and remarkably high performance with a reasonable distribution cost. “Pegasus’ core technology is now poised for reemergence into the market and will improve the end-to-end quality of the information flows and the control that hoteliers have over their distribution,” remarks the company’s CTO, Phil Steitz, the former global CTO of American Express.
Complex interoperability constraints between systems has long been a source of higher fixed costs for hoteliers that Pegasus is focused on solving. The company helps create order amid the industry’s chaos by assisting hotels in unraveling the labyrinth of complex data flows, solutions, and products that must be integrated for an enhanced, end-to-end customer experience. “Our goal is to provide the most integration friendly CRS on the market and have a unique and extremely high level of competency in executing integration,” says Steitz. Creating a simple integration with all leading property management systems will offer unprecedented agility to hoteliers as Pegasus is aggressively moving toward an API economy.

Unrivaled Customer Service and Commitment to Partnership

More than just technology, Pegasus is deeply dedicated to long-term partnerships with its customers at the highest service standard in the industry. To that end, Pegasus has created an exceptional service model branded as “Pegasus Five-Star Service.” Uniquely trained and fine-tuned over decades of service to large global hotel chains, the company’s people, processes and tools are equipped to rapidly troubleshoot and integrate deeply with enterprise clients to enable customer objectives. “The people who pick up the phone are the experts and resolve issues immediately―here is no waiting―our people are very capable and truly go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver for our customers” remarks Steitz.

Committed to long-term customer relationships, Pegasus also offers bespoke solutions tailored for enterprise groups’ distinct requirements using uniquely modern software architecture and supporting infrastructure that underpins its deep commitment to differentiated, high touch service.

An Intelligent, Promising Future

In keeping with the company’s history of leading innovation, Pegasus is implementing a transformational product roadmap, which leverages the unparalleled scalability and reliability of its core platform to deliver enterprise-grade sophistication, built-in intelligence, and simplicity. “In any technology vertical today, the challenge of the near future is known―simple distribution pipes must become intelligent distribution pipes that connect businesses directly with their customers and simple software must become intelligent software that meaningfully improves bottom-line economics for business customers. The path forward for Pegasus and hoteliers is one of shared, close relationships and deep commitment to innovation and relentless execution,” says Lenahan.

Having recently introduced its robust set of API’s, internet booking engine, analytics platform and digital marketing services, the company intends to focus on hard-to-solve problems next for enterprise hotel chains through a new voice application to drive bookings, a guest profile service and simplified revenue management algorithms that provide approximately 80% of the revenue uplift hotels should expect from an RMS, but at a much more affordable cost.

The company’s next big launch will be an intelligent “cognitive” distribution platform which will blend the best of its enterprise CRS and distribution background with new technologies in today’s marketplace. Already in use, the company plans to extend the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) engines to power its technology and drive actionable insights for hotels to improve their marketing via personalized pricing at a cost that will provide compelling value to hospitality ownership groups.

As the original founder of distribution technology for hoteliers, Pegasus continues to evolve so that it may inspire hospitality partners looking for the next wave of innovation to improve connections and relationships with their guests.

Pegasus Solutions

Phoenix, AZ

Sean Lenahan, CEO and Phil Steitz, CTO

Pegasus offers a state-of-the-art CRS platform, Pegasus Analytics, IBE, and other ancillary services to help hoteliers gain more control over their distribution

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