Pegasystems: Unprecedented Agility for Manufacturing Businesses Innovation

Bruce Williams, VP for Manufacturing and High Technology
With Pegasus from Greek mythology as an emblematic representation of the company, Pegasystems encompasses the speed and adeptness associated with the winged stallion. Combined with their Build for Change®Platform, the company leverages its extensive experience in Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management and Dynamic Case Management to make businesses more customer centric and agile. “Pega applications differ from other enterprise platforms as they superimpose an innovation capability as an answer to changing market demands,” asserts Bruce Williams, VP for Manufacturing and High Technology at Pegasystems.

In a strikingly competitive market with ample solution providers, Pegasystems rides high with its hands-on approach that not only executes exactly what the client desires but also saves time and money. The company’s combination of platform and adaptable, pre-built manufacturing applications—such as Warranty and Field Service—enable the creation of new processes by leveraging existing solutions. “Unlike methods of the past where large solutions were built to big budgets, Pega’s environment enables you to build small solutions quickly, generating the incremental creation of value using lean and agile methods, which is more cost effective. Even the business user is able to build and customize apps quickly to meet their needs,” explains Williams.

Pegasystems’ Build for Change model is a landmark in today’s enterprise software market. This model differs from the conventional process of buying a toolkit like Java or customizing a pre-built solution from an ERP or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provider. “With supply chain and manufacturing demands constantly in states of flux, new generation CIOs must aim for a symbiosis between their core classic IT and new innovative platforms,” says Williams. Pegasystems bridges this gap perfectly by filling the space which falls between legacy systems of the past and today’s innovations.
This is reflected in the company’s mobility solutions that allow real-time, as well as offline capabilities for field or remote workers, enabling tremendous business change.

Responding to changing innovation in business processes, Pegasystems invests heavily in research and development. Functioning on flexible rule-sets that bring together and integrate capabilities on demand, the platform can be built and extended to solutions that are situational in both a global and local context. Pegasystems has also developed a unique concept that allows users to visualize layers of specialization that adapt dynamically to different situations. “This enables the agile ‘build for change,’ allowing people to build what the business requires, and not what the IT constraints demand,” states Williams.

In the Internet of Everything, Pega is the process of everything

One of their clients, Jabil Circuit, in recognizing the challenge of managing Shadow IT, worked with Pegasystems to rationalize the enterprise portfolio onto Pega’s platform, enabling innovation around core systems like ERP. “Jabil is also getting cross enterprise scalability. They have full audit and traceability, as well as cost containment by not funding too many platforms,” says Williams. Jabil now builds and deploys new solutions in as quickly as two weeks.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), even the minutest aspects of today’s lives are connected by a digital world. Pegasystems harbors a belief in enabling infrastructures that will turn the IoT into actionable outcomes, making our lives better. “IoT will be one of the greatest dynamics of our civilization for the next 25 years—in the Internet of Everything, Pega is the Process of Everything,” concludes Williams.


Cambridge, MA

Bruce Williams, VP for Manufacturing and High Technology

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