PenguinData:Vanguards of the Workforce Management Space

Michael W. Enters, COO ​Workforce management, which began with paper-based operations, is steadily evolving into a complex IT-driven business process. Aiding this transformation is the emergence of improved technologies and systems that have enabled organizations to bolster several facets of workforce management. Amidst these, we have also witnessed radical changes in labor-management owing to the increasing demands of en masse employment with fair and safe working conditions.

For instance, if we talk about modern employees today, not many are willing to spend hours behind desks in an office environment. It is due to this era of freelancers, consultants, part-time workers, remote workers, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs that the enterprise mobility domain is changing radically. Further, companies having a large and divergent pool of personnel often face problems in managing the workload of their employees.

"PenguinData strives to improve the workforce management sphere and plays a quintessential role in improving the ROI for its clients"

To help companies eradicate the intricacies of legacy workflow management and take the industry to the next level, Spooner-based PenguinData provides a robust and cutting-edge work management tool that assists its clients to continually thrive in the marketplace. COO of the firm, Michael W. Enters, says, “PenguinData is a Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) platform that is designed for the broadband and telecom field service industries along with the serving construction space.”

Established in 2006 by a group of technology aficionados from technical communications service, and accounting industries PenguinData strives to continuously assist its clients in managing the lifecycle of data, deriving useful knowledge from their data, and subsequently improve their ROI. Beginning modestly with just two modules—Warehouse and Workforce— PenguinData’s team continued to innovate over the years and now has the G3 Emperor Suite of 13 modules.

An Exemplary Workforce Management Tool

“PenguinData Workforce Management is a tool that manages all the segmented data as a Tier II Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrated platform and enables our clients to oversee every facet of the daily data flow across multiple departments in real-time,” mentions Enters. Owing to its interconnected feature, different teams can glean the required data irrespective of their geographic presence. The PenguinData Workforce Management tool is also built with a unique and customizable alert system to notify employees of the specific issues that require attention.

“We also have many pre-built Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that enable our clients to connect PenguinData with Accounting systems, GPS providers, and payroll providers to streamline the data flow.” One of the key features of PenguinData is that all the modules within the product can be integrated into the corporate dashboard which includes a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that enables organizations to create their own reports, graphs, and charts. PenguinData’s G3 Emperor Suite of Modules brings together all of the core departments of a company and improves the communication network between disparate departments. Further, PenguinData’s users can also automatically schedule and email the reports to the concerned person. “Results vary case by case and are dependent on many factors including each company’s current processes. Our product, if used 40 percent can help drive the business from the top down and the bottom up,” extols Enters.

To create a more comprehensive picture of the capabilities of PenguinData’s Workforce Management tool, Enters explains the benefits and supporting features it brings for all the primary modules. Firstly, he says that the Workforce Module is the central data hub of PenguinData and functions as the connector to embed other modules.

PenguinData Workforce Management is such a tool that manages all the segmented data as a Tier II Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrated platform, and enables our clients to oversee every facet of daily data flow across multiple departments in real-time

The integration of central data hub with other platforms through API connections enables a real-time flow of data and subsequently reduces the lag time of existing systems. The central data hub improves the efficacy of workers by eliminating the repetitive manual tasks such as sending emails, making phone calls, and updating spreadsheets. “Our Workforce tool seamlessly updates data in real-time, and through our dashboard alerts, never loses track of action items that need to be addressed,” he adds. All the data in PenguinData Workforce Management allows real-time reporting with embedded business intelligence tools for reporting, analytics, and forecasting.

Projects Module

PenguinData’s fastest growing Module, the Projects Module, enables its customers to assign projects, such as aerial/underground construction jobs, to crews, contractors and check the status of all jobs in real-time. With the Projects Module’s alert system and reporting tools, users can easily detect projects that are behind schedule, and audit and approve the billing items that have been submitted. The mobile user has the ability to add notes/images and upload as built from the Mobile Interface. Attaching PO’s to Projects, for billing purposes, is made easy by providing the ability to attach a unique PO number to an individual Project or attaching a Global PO to multiple Projects across multiple locations. The Projects Module virtual whiteboard and automated notifications options enables organizations to improve scheduling and communication, which enhances a team’s accountability, reduces any confusion, and streamlines processes across the board.

Warehouse Module

The firm provides a warehouse module to aid its clients in keeping track of all hardware, materials, and equipment irrespective of the inventory location. With this module, users get a comprehensive and accurate count of each item through verifying all the issued items down to the end user. “The Warehouse Module is fully integrated and thus creates a seamless data flow throughout the entire system for full tracking and accountability.” Further, the module is also capable of integrating with other modules including Workforce and Dispatch that enables inventory from the warehouse module to be consumed on jobs, inventory swapped or even reassigned from other modules. Next, as all the documents are stored electronically, the module obliterates the error-prone and time-consuming paperwork which subsequently reduces warehouse and office sizes. Additionally, the module can also glean and transfer data from other applications such as Oracle, supply chain systems, Active Directory, etc. through direct APIs.

Assets/Fleet Module

For any company, fleet, equipment, fixed assets, and tools become imperative for success. To this end, PenguinData’s Assets/Fleet Module assists organizations to keep a comprehensive track of their assets starting from fixed assets and the vehicles that make up the fleet to meters, tools, and other construction equipment. Through leveraging this module, companies can keep track of vehicle maintenance, fixed assets for repair, transferring and selling of vehicles, and recording payment data. “Our Assets/Fleet Module enables companies to check vehicle status’ with pictures of both the employee/technician and the vehicle, plus capture signatures on anything issued or assigned with company agreement next to the signature,” adds Enters.

Dispatch Module

The firm also has a module to aid dispatchers in detecting the location of all jobs and techs (through integrated GPS) on an interactive map with the Dispatch Module. Primarily, it improves the communication between the tech and the dispatch department along with enabling dispatchers to examine the job codes entered by the technician, review QA pictures uploaded by the tech, and view which jobs are in jeopardy of missing a timeframe. The module plays a major role in increasing completed jobs and drastically reduces missed timeframes and lost CPE. Another noteworthy advantage of having this module is that organizations get a centralized dispatch location to provide dispatch services which subsequently reduces the surfeit costs related to phone bills, utilities, rent, etc.

A Unique Mobile Interface

Often, field personnel face intricacies in interacting with the diverse teams in a network. This increases the admin time of assigning jobs for each task and subsequently adds to the discrepancies on door tags and uncompleted jobs. In this regard, PenguinData’s mobile interface renders complete access to field employees of all the disparate networks via smartphone, laptop, tablet, or similar device. “Technicians can also record job codes performed on specific jobs, CPE and material installed on the jobs, along with managing the start and stop time of jobs, perform QAs, update escalations, perform inspections, and more,” states Enters. The messaging feature of the mobile interface supplements the communication with the dispatch department that leads to improved efficiency and reduced “on-hold” time.

Additionally, PenguinData Workforce Management has a store forward application to assist technicians in entering information on mobile devices and operates in both cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. Users can also enter data when an internet connection is unavailable, and once the cellular or Wi-Fi service is available again, the store forward application automatically uploads all saved data and enters it into the PenguinData system. The offering also enables companies to conduct quality assurance inspections with Map APIs that provides a comprehensive overview of assigned jobs along with guiding them to their tasks.

Escalation/Damages Module

PenguinData also has an Escalation/Damages Module to facilitate their customers, management, and supervisory staff in tracking the progress of all escalations and damages in one central location. This module automatically notifies concerned parties, integrates with other modules, and ensures that no tickets fall through the cracks.

PenguinData Workforce Management is such a tool that manages all the segmented data as a Tier II Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrated platform, and enables our clients to oversee every facet of daily data flow across multiple departments in real-time.

A Comprehensive Portal for Managing Employees

To help organizations in examining all the tasks assigned to employees and vendors, PenguinData offers a Vendor/ Employee Management Portal that improves the transparency between employees and vendors. In the portal, technicians receive broadcast messages which they can sign off after comprehending the message.

A Peek into the Work Culture and Vision

Over the years, the firm has played an exemplary role in addressing the unique needs of its clientele. The firm has created a mettlesome work culture where every employee can present their own vision and be creative in their work. Forging ahead, the firm intends to make its platform bilingual and expand its horizon to other countries. “Our company goal has been to deliver a user-friendly interface, coupled with real-time data visibility throughout an organization.” As part of this, we have plans to release our modules in 2-3 languages and serve the incumbent players in other parts of the world,” concludes Enters.


Spooner, WI

Michael W. Enters, COO

PenguinData’s Emperor Suite of Modules renders a comprehensive management system that aids its clients in automating and standardizing valuable business data and work more efficiently