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James McGriff, President/CTO
Today, the increasing regulatory mandates with respect to records management are driving government agencies on all levels to implement an approved records retention schedule and securely maintain their records over a stipulated period. This rising need for best-in-breed retention schedules can be met by government entities with bigger budgets, but remains a massive undertaking for county and city level municipalities who lack the resources to comply with the ever-increasing mandates. In light of these dynamics, the government records management arena is witnessing a surge in the availability of software systems capable of assisting city and county level governance entities in maintaining compliance while enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of their operations. However, while opting for these solutions, government agencies need to consider the fact that having various document and record management solutions in place can be overwhelming. All they need is a simple solution to create, delete, destroy, archive, and retrieve records.

Enter Peniel Solutions (PSL), a Georgia-based company that offers an intuitive software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, that enables smaller government agencies to manage all of their records through a single interface. “Developed from our base product, TransAccess, leverages the powerful capabilities of AWS to not only help county governments go online with their records management but also ensure that all their record-related processes comply with the ever-changing regulatory mandates,” says James McGriff, President/CTO at PSL.

Since its inception in 2000, PSL has helped countless customers in gathering, managing, and optimizing their business information. Consequently, the company has acquired its reputation as a global provider of business and IT consulting services that ensures end-to-end protection of data and compliance with emerging data privacy and safety mandates within the government sector. Recently, owing to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting surge in the transition from paper-based processes to the digital medium, PSL witnessed a meteoric increase in the demand for alternatives capable of helping government agencies cope with the sudden need for tech-driven records management.
Alternatively, political leaders usage of social media for the announcement of policies that can have profound national effects has led PSL to start collecting data from social media platforms as they turned into viable sources for important records. “We gather social media data, archive it on the AWS cloud, and apply AI and ML to help agencies predict outcomes and secure resources based on potential future events,” states McGriff.

PSL’s GovCloudRecords. com is a National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) compliant records’ archival SaaS solution that focuses on helping municipalities retire, retrieve, and dispose of digital records effortlessly while being compliant with regulations. “For a city or county to meet both the compliance and business continuity requirements, municipalities must preserve valuable historical records while making them easily accessible for audit purposes,” informs McGriff. With’s comprehensive feature set including indexing, typehead searching, auditing, and retention scheduling, among others, PSL’s clients can significantly reduce the effort and save a significant amount of time with respect to complying with state mandates. The SaaS solution’s architecture is also designed to be a stable and consistent source for retired records, allowing PSL’s clients to seamlessly switch to document management systems that better suit their workflows. Above all, can act as the final interface where records are gathered from disparate document management systems before being retired and disposed of in a timely and affordable manner.

At the core of PSL’s unparalleled capabilities is AWS, which helps the company protect its network infrastructure from vulnerabilities and allows its clients to easily make a transition from their legacy, paper-based, and cumbersome records management processes to a cloud environment with endless potential. “ leverages AWS GovCloud, which is a compliant platform that helps government agencies meet regulatory and compliance requirements around security, records management, and software development,” adds McGriff.

Moving forward, PSL aims to bring more state and local governments onto its digital platform and enable them to reap the benefits of a cloud environment. “We will continue expanding the capabilities of to transform how small and local governments approach digitalization, storage, protection, and disposal of their records,” concludes McGriff.

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James McGriff, President/CTO

Peniel Solutions, LLC provides a full range of cloud solutions and services to support the Federal Cloud Smart Initiative and ensure utmost data security. Peniel Solutions (PSL) brings in robust cloud data management applications and storage services exclusively to the U.S. government, operating primarily on FedRAMP-certified Amazon GovCloud. An AWS recognized public partner and reseller, PSL is a leading solution government contractor (GovCon) provider of Digital Transformation Services, DevSecOps (Development Security, and Operations), supported by an extensive portfolio of cloud services. PSL is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner with the technical, project management, operations and advisory capabilities to support Federal agencies’ transition to the cloud

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