PennyBackup: Enterprise Backups for All

The advancement in computing and networking—from 16-bit to 32-bit and, 64-bit processors and physical servers to virtual, has also revolutionized the concept of data backup in business. With the rise in use of multiple devices, organizations have experienced a rapid growth of critical data, stressing on the need for enterprise backup and recovery post disaster. Pennybackup covers the full expanse of backup needs.

With expertise in backup solutions, this solution provider delivers enterprise backup for Office 365, SQL, mySQL, Exchange, SharePoint through to the backup of physical and virtual servers including Hyper-V and VMware. “With PennyBackup, customers can get enterprise backup of Windows, Linux, Mac servers, and active directory amongst others,” says Ofira Samson, Market Place Specialist. "We deliver more analytical information about what companies are backing up in order to reduce their Recovery Time (RTO) and Recovery Point (RPO) objectives."

Online backup vendors have witnessed downfall while delivering free online backup services for their customers. Focused on competitive pricing of backup services, PennyBackup seeks to have much better customer participation and engagement. To ensure the same, the company empowers the users to have an option to visit marketplace in the website, read newsletters and best practice related content. On completion of reading and reviewing of content, the customers only need to successfully complete a survey given in the website to receive discounts on their online backup.

While taking care of investments in online backup, the company also emphasizes on backup solutions by delivering free software for online backup. With the software, enterprises can create licenses and install it themselves, thereby, utilizing the silent installation and mass deployment of the software directly from the companies’ website.

With its robust and reliable set of solutions, the company has backed up and saved tremendous amount of data for several organizations.

With Pennybackup customers can get enterprise backup of Windows, Linux and Mac server data protection including Hyper V and VM Ware, and Office 365 and reduce the cost of the online backup by participating in our market place. A first of its kind in the enterprise cloud backup industry.

For instance, a government organization with AD-servers approached the company to seek its assistance. The client did a failover of all AD-servers and defined which server or machine is critical, which needs to be replicated as hot and to reserve resources to have a very short recovery time objective. “We saved the customer’s resources by providing lower priority servers within 36 or 48 hours and this helped them prioritize which servers they want and incur significant savings,” says Ofira.

With a vision to stay ahead of the curve, PennyBackup focuses on APIs (Application Programmable Interface) for automation of processes to achieve quick recovery time objectives. “The category of online backup is going to change to rapid recoveries,” predicts Ofira. The company also seeks to create backup sets that are specifically designed for various cloud services. “As 2016 is going to be cloud to cloud, automation and Virtual Private Network (VPN) usage are the main areas of focus in future,” concludes Ofira.


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Ofira Samson, Market Place Specialist

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