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Chris Widmayer, CEO
In a utility-driven landscape such as field services, the relationship between an organization and its customers serves as the pedestal for a long-term, successful enterprise. Such a relationship highlights how field service workers today are expected to adopt technological advances that not only suffice industry requirements but also streamline various field service processes involving ERP and CRM components. However, for most organizations, the efficient utilization of such components within the field service landscape is a complex task. This predominant constraint adds up to the growing need for monitoring the quality of field operations and the flow of communication between agents and customers.

Addressing these issues and transforming the dynamics of customer relationships, Penrod, a Salesforce Platinum Partner, introduces custom field service solutions to meet the rapidly changing business needs of their clients. Powered by Salesforce’s suite of applications, Penrod creates personalized customer experiences by building engagement platforms to promote collaboration among business stakeholders and field service agents. “Our motto is to build long-lasting, authentic relationships with customers through digital transformation while enabling our clients to do the same,” says Chris Widmayer, CEO of Penrod.

The ingenuity of Penrod’s solution sets is that they are tailored to suit the needs of dispatchers and field service agents alike. Driven by a user-friendly field service approach, the company’s solutions assist agents in designing schedules to ensure the efficient completion of field service tasks while considering clients’ requirements and business prerequisites. These measures accelerate the process for field agents by helping them deduce a methodology for quick on-site meetings with customers, instead of spending a significant portion of their time on the road.

In addition, Penrod leverages Salesforce Field Service Lightning, an easy-to-use interface—tailored for each client—that reduces the number of steps required to complete payment procedures. This allows agents to use relevant data sets onsite and complete transactions pertaining to different types of services.

Our motto is to build long-lasting, authentic relationships with customers through digital transformation while enabling our clients to do the same

To simplify the economics of an engagement, Penrod offers a flexible bid model that arranges a range that will become a fixed bid as an output of the formal discovery process, to provide a clear picture of the total cost of their services. Likewise, the company establishes a strong relationship with its clientele during the pre-sale processes; visiting the customer’s organization and introducing them to field service representatives leads to a high customer retention rate. Therefore, clients are able to place their trust in Penrod within a short timeframe, as it invests significant time and energy in engagements before closing a project.

Chris discusses a recent collaboration with one of Penrod’s clients that followed traditional and manual spreadsheet-dependant methods for maintaining schedules. The client could not keep track of the work progress efficiently, leading to the loss of valuable time. By leveraging the field service lightning platform, the client could automatically schedule processes as well as dispatch operations using a scheduling optimizer, ensuring that the relevant data passes through the billing system.

Penrod works with such organizations, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, to create a dynamic experience for customers. These collaborations have earned Penrod the Salesforce Platinum accolade, driving the company to the pole position in the race for the premium field service lightning products implementer. By building upon these achievements, Penrod will be introducing solutions that enhance the efficiency of field agents, ultimately revolutionizing the field services sector.

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Chris Widmayer, CEO

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