Penta Security Systems: The Importance of Choosing the Right Database Encryption Solution

Duksoo Kim, CTO
Database applications are at the heart of any organization to input, store, manage and retrieve information. These days, due to an increase in the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, a primary concern for CIOs should be applying proper encryption to databases. “CIOs are challenged with the task of designing databases that serve their original purpose and also meet the latest expectations of security,” remarks Duksoo Kim, Chief Technology Officer, Penta Security Systems. The question that many CIOs need to ask themselves is what type of solution will be best for their respective organization.

In order to keep up with the trends in cyber threats, firms must opt for encryption solutions that offer efficient security infrastructure, minimal system performance impacts, and easy accessibility. Penta Security Systems, based out of Seoul, South Korea, is able to deliver these particular security features in one comprehensive solution called MyDiamo. The company takes a holistic approach to information security and is a global leader in web security, data encryption, and authentication security solutions.

MyDiamo is an engine based column level encryption solution that is known for bringing enterprise level encryption to open-source Relational Database Management Systems. MyDiamo requires zero code modifications in order to integrate with an open source database to provide transparent encryption capabilities. “Instead of encrypting an entire data file, users can choose specific columns to encrypt while using MyDiamo,” states Kim. Complying with the requirements of HIPAA and HITECH and PCI-DSS compliance, users utilizing databases, such as MySQL, MariaDB, and PerconaDB, can deploy MyDiamo for truly elite speed and security. “MyDiamo’s column level encryption enables users to control even the smallest unit of data for encryption, access control, and auditing, all while minimizing negative performance effects. MyDiamo also supports index searching and partial encryption, which provides clients with maximum utility of the database,” explains Kim.

Instead of encrypting an entire data file, users can choose specific columns to encrypt while using MyDiamo

Penta Security Systems constantly evaluates ways to improve its solutions and services. Its signature encryption solution D’Amo has evolved from a database encryption solution to a database encryption platform. Its diverse range of components optimally meets the performance and security demands of any customer’s information and communications technology system. It can address a variety of data environments according to where the data is stored, and where the encryption takes place. The comprehensive security features and broad coverage of D’Amo extends to Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and SAP.

“As more data is stored in third party clouds, more security and caution is required,” adds Kim. In order to provide a more diverse range of security, Penta Security Systems also delivers a cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) service called Cloudbric. Cloudbric is a non-signature based WAF that intelligently detects malicious web attacks at a higher accuracy rate with low false positives when compared to industry competitors. Cloudbric also helps users protect data stored in the cloud by automatically blocking web attacks using its patented detection technology, provides DDoS protection, and displays real time tracking of all web attacks.

With over 20 years of expertise in the encryption industry, Penta Security Systems has widened its security profile to provide proper protection to those that need it most. Penta Security Systems has brought MyDiamo database encryption to various government sectors, large enterprises, small and medium businesses, education institutions, financial organizations and medical enterprises.

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Duksoo Kim, CTO

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