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In today’s digital world, Google and Facebook have used the popularity of mobile devices to build giant advertising businesses based on their access to great data at a large scale. At the same time, the far bigger rest of the ecosystem was lacking such data for a long time and could only grow at a fraction of the two giants’ speed. Many large corporations were ready to make their data available but struggled with the complexity of such a project: “To make data work, companies must not only match their data assets to clearly identified problems they can help to solve but also make it actionable while ensuring data protection and compliance with consumer privacy laws. This is not trivial,” notes Daniel Heer, CEO and Founder of zeotap.

With its US headquarters in New York, zeotap has built a unique data platform centered around data security, best-in-class privacy management, and simple end-to-end data monetization and became the first company globally to win numerous major telecom operators as clients around the globe. Since bringing the data platform live last year, zeotap also won all major media agencies and brands such as Mercedes, Johnson & Johnson, and Samsung as clients and was recognised with several awards. It didn’t take long until also other large data owners expressed interest to join zeotap’s data platform, zeoCore. As of today, zeotap monetizes over 100 million deterministic telecom data profiles and over 300 million other high-quality data profiles and helps large corporations to evaluate their data monetization potential quickly. Heer explains, “When someone thinks about sharing or monetizing data, they should ask two fundamental questions. The first question is: What problems can my data solve? Second, what are the KPIs my data delivers in solving these problems.” In addition, “as a data owner, you want to make sure your data is valuable in the long run and to do this, you need to protect it from being leaked.”

As a data owner, you want to make sure your data is valuable in the long run and to do this, you need to protect it from being leaked

The zeoCore platform is at the heart of zeotap’s ability to make targeting data easily and safely available for advertisers. It allows zeotap to pull together and manage demographic, location, interest, and intent data from multiple data sources at scale, build meaningful segments for advertisers, and make them available in an anonymized manner for highly precise targeting. “Data from a telecom operator that is usually linked to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as the name, address or phone number is bridged to a simple transactional ID that can belinked to a user’s device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.” notes Heer.

One of zeotap’s customers, Mercedes Benz, wanted to launch its new E-Class last year and worked with zeotap to target only men aged 40 years and above with a high income. zeotap even in such a specific case can guarantee an in-target precision level close to a hundred percent while other data providers struggle to produce convincing numbers even with simple gender or age targeting.

zeotap is active in US, India, Italy, and Spain and they are currently working to expand into UK and Canada. Inspired by how John D. Rockefeller refined oil for its different use cases and safely transported it to buyers wide and far, zeotap works to pull/extract data from relevant sources and distribute it to the end-users across industry sectors.


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Quentin Gullivan CEO

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