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Chris Coberly, CEO
COVID-19 has changed the work world as we know it, disrupting the functioning of organizations across the globe. Aside from the accompanying layoffs, one of the biggest workplace impacts the pandemic caused was on employees who are now required to work from their homes. More than ever before, these employees need to be heard, and they want to share with their employers how they are dealing with this new way of work.

Meanwhile, employers are busy trying to figure out how to boost employee engagement and wellbeing. They are looking for ways to best support their employees and motivate them through these tough times.

This is where People Element, a Denver-based firm, places its bet.

People Element's flexible all-in-one employee experience and engagement solution gives organizations an enduring capability to understand their people and take the right actions to improve things that matter most to a business's success. The solution helps clients improve productivity, retention, and engagement. "We help clients experience meaningful change through an easy-to-use platform and simplified process," says Chris Coberly, CEO, People Element.

Established in 1988, People Element has garnered many clients across various industries, including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, finance, and construction. For many companies across these sectors, a major pain point is understanding or providing employees with a voice, increasing engagement, improving manager effectiveness, diversity inclusion, and belonging, and more recently, engaging an increasingly remote workforce. People Element's platform helps clients overcome these challenges. It allows clients to quickly and easily collect workforce data through surveys and then understand and act on that data. The platform comes with features including an intuitive and customizable interface, advanced analytics, and automated action planning.

From survey design and reports to dashboards and data collection methods, People Element's system gives clients complete control over the processes to ensure that each aspect fits their unique needs. "It's a platform specifically designed to collect employee experience data.

Our business is to help clients experience meaningful change through an easy-to-use platform and simplified process

It is also a do it yourself platform. Clients can build their own surveys; however, we provide templates that are effective for surveys such as engagement surveys, exit interviews, and new hire surveys," says Chris.

For instance, People Element's wellbeing surveys come pre-built with questions designed to measure the critical areas of employee wellbeing. Managers and leaders get results in real-time, allowing them to understand the status of employee wellbeing at any time and respond accordingly. Clients can also customize the surveys and use the platform to distribute it. The platform's diversity and inclusion tools make it easy for leaders to assess and understand the extent to which employees feel respected, accepted, and encouraged to fully participate in the organization, and foster a culture that supports individuality and fresh perspective. Additionally, the platform also has a red flag report system where employees can report their issues like harassment, racism, sexism, etc.

Highlighting the platform's efficiency, Chris cites the success story of Bauer Family Resources, a non-profit organization in the mid-west. Struggling with high employee turnover, the client approached People Element. People Element's tools and services helped the client reduce employee turnover by 50 percent in less than 12 months.

Going forward, People Element's vision is to be the best in helping organizations achieve meaningful change with a powerful platform and simplified process. The company is set to release a major upgrade for its platform 4.0 by the end of this year. People Element's ultimate goal is to provide features that will help clients achieve their goals faster and easier.

People Element

Denver, CO

Chris Coberly, CEO

People Element's innovative platform makes it easy for clients to achieve and exceed their business goals and increase employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction. With People Element, clients can get a solution that works for the full employee lifecycle: from new hires to exits, and everywhere in between, leading to better insights and proven outcomes

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