PeopleStreme: Providing Fully Integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions

Generally, Human Resources professionals are faced with the challenges of managing and measuring human capital through the entire employee lifecycle.

Founded to drive Human Capital Management (HCM) processes, PeopleStreme specializes in all facets of HCM systems. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the company aims to help their clients attain the best workforce outcomes possible through the use of software solutions, coupled with employee and management training. “My background has been in growing technology businesses for the last 20 years. I am particularly interested in HCM as it’s the place most organizations can find extra performance and innovation,” says Lyle Potgieter, CEO, PeopleStreme.

PeopleStreme provides their clients with a fully integrated HCM suite of products consisting of twenty-two (22) separate modules to suit every organization. “We provide help to our clients in understanding some of the more advanced aspects of HCM, like Workforce Analytics and longitudinal reporting,” says Potgieter. PeopleStreme’s products are complemented by management acceleration services that can accelerate an organization in deploying its strategy and connecting employees to that strategy. The company enables their clients to add additional Human Capital modules, according to the growth of their business. “Our product suite is very comprehensive, addressing a full range of Human Capital Management requirements. Our clients can report across all modules to answer difficult questions,” asserts Potgieter.

Being a constant innovator in the industry, PeopleStreme has always been ahead of the market requirements. “While we released Workforce Planning along with Talent Management in 2010, most of the organizations were in the early stages of understanding how workforce planning could benefit them,” says Potgieter.
“One of our greatest challenges is in educating the market and demonstrating how these new software modules can deliver HR and business benefit,” he adds.

PeopleStreme has become a “one stop shop" provider, in respect to HCM systems. Their clientele include brands like McDonalds and Mercedes Benz. “Every client comes to us with a desire of managing their human capital effectively, benefiting both the employee and organization,” says Potgieter. Clients want business outcomes that can be achieved through managing their people more effectively. It might be that a client wants to reduce the cost of new hires or on-board new recruits faster but the end outcome is they want a business outcome that can be justified to the CEO and CFO.

“Our road map extends to the more advanced areas of HR/ HCM management. We have a number of products/modules in the pipeline that we intend to release once the market is ready for them,” says Potgieter. PeopleStreme is a fast growing organization with a compound growth rate of 30 plus percent each year.

We are now helping our clients with basic HCM functions as well as understand some of the more advanced aspects of HCM like Workforce Analytics and longitudinal reporting


Melbourne, Australia

Providing integrated human capital solutions to manage human capital more effectively