Pepperi: Extending NetSuite with Mobile Sales and Merchandising Automation

Oren Ezra, CMO
In today’s world, mobile cloud technologies are at the helm of simplifying business processes to increase productivity and ensure profitability. However, many solution providers have been unsuccessful at filling the cracks in the supply chain between consumer goods manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers. The B2B selling and buying process is still dominated by pen-and-paper ordering and inadequate customer intelligence, which is fraught with errors and lengthy delivery cycles.

“Companies lack automation of the customer-facing field sales processes, as well as timely information exchange between field sales and back-office operations,” says Oren Ezra, CMO, Pepperi. To address this, New York-based Pepperi has developed a mobile commerce platform for consumer goods manufacturers and wholesale distributors. “Our cloud based platform integrates digital product catalogs, order taking, merchandising, and B2B e-commerce into a flexible and easy-to-use mobile solution that integrates with the NetSuite ERP. The result: sales growth and streamlined order-to-cash processing.”

By integrating with NetSuite, Pepperi strives to address three concerns in the consumer goods industry: increased B2B sales, streamlined B2B field sales operations, and brand visibility.

Pepperi enables brand manufacturers to increase the average sales order size by up to 30% by automating the B2B field selling and buying processes and provides field reps with the relevant operational data from NetSuite as well as cross-sell/upsell recommendations in order to maximize sales.

Pepperi’s system also eliminates the redundant and paper-centric steps involved in order taking and in-store merchandising. All activities performed by field reps are captured through Pepperi, along with respective geotags, and transmitted to NetSuite. In addition, the system is fully operational in offline mode.Brand promotion and visibility are of strategic importance for brand manufacturers. “With our private-label B2B e-commerce app and web portal, manufacturers can offer a fully branded B2B e-commerce channel to their retail customers to foster sales growth and elevate their brand,” according to Ezra.

Our cloud-based platform integrates mobile catalogs, order taking, merchandising, and e-commerce with NetSuite ERP to grow B2B sales and streamline order-to-cash processing

The manufacturer can host a familiar consumer-like shopping experience for their B2B customers as they navigate a branded e-catalog, place orders, check shipping statuses, and view invoices. B2B customers can download the brand’s e-commerce app from the Apple, Google Play, and Windows app stores.

Deploying a cloud-based mobile commerce solution requires appropriate security measures. Pepperi’s mobile commerce platform follows stringent security standards, including ISO 27001 and ISAE3402, which assure customers that the data interchange between Pepperi and NetSuite is never compromised. Customers also benefit from the flexibility and scalability of the solution. “Our cloud-based mobile solution can scale up and down per the needs of our customers. Our solutions can also be run on all mobile operating systems – iOS, Android, and Windows,” says Ezra.

The Pepperi solution is highly configurable, enabling customers to easily set up and adapt business rules, workflows, UI layouts, and user roles and privileges, to support the changing needs of their enterprises.

Pepperi has consistently demonstrated the strength of its platform. The company works with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Rip Curl, GUESS and Hallmark International, the last of which serves as an excellent case study to demonstrate its capabilities. The greeting card giant selected Pepperi as the mobile sales platform for its international B2B field sales and merchandising operations after a rigorous six-month test period. Pepperi enabled Hallmark to simplify in-store retail execution and sales order processes.


New York, NY

Oren Ezra, CMO

A provider of mobile commerce apps for increasing B2B sales, reducing order-to-cash cycles, and elevating the brand value for manufacturers and wholesalers

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