Perceptive Analytics: Simplifying Analytics Maturity Journey

Meenakshi Mishra, Assistant Vice President and Chaitanya Sagar, Founder & CEO
Today’s data analytics practices have been fueled by advancements in big data, machine learning, deep learning and data science causing a leap in the maturity levels of analytics departments within enterprises. Businesses have higher expectations from analytics departments and companies for promoting projects with compelling results to contribute to business growth. “En route their analytics maturity journey, enterprises have varied challenges; companies that are at the early stages of analytics maturity, face issues in creating apt infrastructures, attracting the right talent and ensuring that projects get underway,” says Chaitanya Sagar, founder and CEO of Perceptive Analytics. On the other hand, he explains that businesses ahead in their journey are grappling with prioritizing analytics projects, operationalizing results from analytics and realizing ROI from analytics projects. As a leading marketing analytics and business intelligence company, Perceptive Analytics helps enterprises navigate their challenges by providing them predictive modeling, relevant business insights, dashboards, and visualizations based on their level of maturity, to make sense of their data quickly. “We help clients to move ahead by providing analytics maturity frameworks and partnering with specific transformational analytics projects,” says Chaitanya Sagar.

With a dynamic team seasoned in retail, e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries onboard, Perceptive Analytics gleans valuable insights for clients catering to their specialized data analytics, business intelligence, and reporting requirements. To present rich business insights to users, Perceptive Analytics designs dashboards after a thorough understanding of the business, the role, context and the mindset of the viewer focusing on the key result areas. The dashboards are designed keeping in mind the thought trail of the viewer to support it. “We ensure that we have domain knowledge, and understand the mindset of the person, the role that looks at the visualization along withthe decisions that they could potentially make. All these focus on core questions that our audience looks for and ensures that we deliver maximum possible value to the business,” says Chaitanya.

At Perceptive Analytics, we love data science and we believe analytics can help you achieve competitive edge in the market place

At the core, the company pivots on visualizations to make sense of the data. “Data visualizations come in early in the data-driven decision making culture and develop with it. We see a strong correlation between data visualization and data science capabilities,” explains Sagar. Interestingly, the company adopts a ‘5 Second Principle’ wherein the viewer of the dashboard should be able to start interpreting the visualization within 5 seconds. This is driven by visualizations that help build a story behind the data and enables executives to forecast the future of their business. “Visualizations give a shape to client’s business models and the decisions they make to build them. At Perceptive Analytics, we love data visualizations, and we strive to incorporate the culture of data-driven decision making within the client organization.” The company’s highly skilled experts also help clients with Tableau integration strategy to take complete advantage of the solution.

It is Perceptive Analytics’ persistent dedication towards its goal—to deliver the best solutions and an enhanced experience for clients—that has successfully piqued the interest of customers from various verticals. “We have successfully delivered significant top line as well as bottom line results to our clients,” says Chaitanya. Evidently, the company’s client roster includes renowned many marquee names.

As the road for analytics grows exciting by the day, Perceptive Analytics is vesting its focus on new trends like advanced analytics and AI. The company is currently investing in sales and marketing, intellectual property and talent acquisition. “Our goal is to acquire large clients in the U.S. to grow four times our current size. In 2017, our growth accelerated by 60 percent and we expect to see the same in the coming year by expanding into newer industries and geographies,” concludes Chaitanya Sagar.

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Meenakshi Mishra, Assistant Vice President and Chaitanya Sagar, Founder & CEO

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