Perceptive Software: Empowering the Knowledge-Driven Enterprise

Beyond application features, user interfaces, and even the innovative technology, enterprise software is ultimately about solving problems and delivering a positive impact on your business. It means connecting to providers who understand an industry’s unique needs, who can combine skills and experience to help define and meet the objectives, and have the bench strength to provide long-term reinforcement.

Perceptive Software, a business unit of Lexmark International, builds process and content management software that bridges the information gaps in every organization. Their broad portfolio of enterprise content management(ECM) and business process management technologies help organizations capture, manage and access the right information in the context of business specific processes.

Perceptive solutions are developed with deep vertical expertise to solve a variety of business challenges in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, banking, insurance, higher education, government and other industries. Gartner has listed Perceptive Software as a leader for enterprise content management and enterprise search. The company has a strong presence in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa.

Deeper Integration, Automation

Perceptive Software‘s integration framework is ideal for Oracle EBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. This framework validates data captured via Perceptive Capture technologies, transforms it into actionable information, and passes it into the ERP. Content that was once locked into a reference-only “document image” can be extracted and used to initiate transactions into and out of your core business application.Perceptive integration is seamless,efficient and powerful, and enables large enterprises to build on the automation capabilities of their existing Oracle technology investment.
Precise Information for Any Process

Perceptive solutions draw from a portfolio of process and content management, intelligent data capture, federated and enterprise search tools to deliver the complete information required to perform the task at hand—whether it’s processing a vendor invoice, addressing a student’s request, completing a physician order or evaluating the efficiency of your business at he executive level. Perceptive Software takes a broad and deep approach to enterprise process and content management. Their platform connects people and processes with the information they need, ensuring that:
• Content is instantly available at the time and place it’s needed
• Content creation and output is optimized within the context of the user
• Manual processes are automated and integrated at the departmental and enterprise level
• All information is governed, secure and compliant

Enterprise Information = Competitive Advantage

The ability to manage information and derive value from it is quickly becoming a key competitive differentiator. In a nutshell, leveraging complete information provides a better view of the customer, more relevant communication and more effective care. Better information leads to faster and more informed decisions, better business intelligence, increased agility and faster time to market.

Better process visibility and standardized access to information leads to streamlined processes, managed risks and reduced waste.

Those strategic and operational advantages drive growth in today’s knowledge-driven enterprises. Which is why so many of them gain a competitive advantage with Perceptive Software complementing their Oracle ERP.

Perceptive Software

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Scott Coons, President & CEO

A provider of content management, process management, enterprise search and integration products