Percona: Redefining MySQL to Boost Application Performance

Peter Zaitsev, CEO
Most enterprises with large-scale deployments make heavy use of MySQL and MongoDB that follow horizontal scaling with a technique called sharding—partitioning data across many small-to-midsize servers. However, these techniques are unable to take advantage of high-performance hardware, particularly storage systems. Raleigh, NC based Percona delivers enterprise class software, consulting and managed services solutions for both MySQL and MongoDB to maximize application performance while streamlining database efficiencies. Today, Percona's enhanced version of MySQL, Percona Server is capable of exercising much more powerful servers and storage systems. As a result, server consolidation and vertical scaling is a viable, and often much more economical, path to high performance with MySQL. “Our mission has always been to champion unbiased open source database solutions that help companies affordably build their businesses and achieve their goals, without sacrificing performance and quality,” elucidates Peter Zaitsev, Co-founder and CEO, Percona.

As part of the integrated suite of Percona database solutions, Percona Server for MySQL’s self-tuning algorithms and support for extremely high-performance hardware delivers high performance and reliability. Clients can benefit from the cloud ready model that reduces downtime of servers and increases flexibility for architectures. The vertical scalability and consolidation empower clients to achieve improved efficiency and numerous I/O operations per second on high end solid state hardware. Through Percona Server, users get detailed query with per query statistics about locking, I/O, and query plan, as well as performance and access counters per-table, per-index, per-user, and per-host. “With the latest release of Percona XtraDB, we continue to ensure that our customers have access to increased compatibility and performance, a higher level of data protection, more user control, and simpler packaging–all with free, open source software," explains Zaitsev. Similarly, the company’s Percona Server for MongoDB’s storage engine allows greater flexibility for enterprises to manage their database infrastructures. Clients get a compatible and open source server with all the functionalities of MongoDB 3.2 Community Edition along with enterprise grade features.

Our mission has always been to champion unbiased open source database solutions that help companies affordably build their businesses and achieve their goals

Percona also provides server and database automation consulting service allowing clients to build high quality and secure scripts required to manage MySQL and NoSQL data. “Our team has years of experience building scripts, from the most common to the extremely complex─which means client’s team does not have to struggle with unfamiliar challenges and can focus on core tasks,” adds Zaitsev.

As one of the foremost experts on MySQL strategy and optimization, Zaitsev leveraged both his technical vision and entrepreneurial skills to grow Percona from a two-person shop to an exemplary open source company today. Throughout its journey of a decade, Percona has assisted a number of clients from various industry verticals. In one instance, Pricefalls, a startup online marketplace required a database supporting high transaction volumes without increasing costs. They switched to Percona server that gave them performance benefits as well as greater insights into actual transactions critical for Pricefalls. Percona server gave them a 400 percent performance increase. “Percona has taken the MySQL Community Edition engine and built out something so robust, stable, and scalable that it’s the obvious choice for companies like ours,” says Peter Schaefer, Co-founder and CIO, Pricefalls.

For the road ahead, Percona will continue to enhance its solutions and services around MySQL and MongoDB across traditional and cloud based platforms to maximize performance. The company will vest its focus in streamlining database efficiencies through its Percona server. “Percona is committed to providing free open source enterprise feature alternatives for MongoDB users, with technology choices that avoid vendor lock-in,” concludes Zaitsev.


Raleigh, NC

Peter Zaitsev, CEO

Delivers enterprise-class solutions for both MySQL and MongoDB across traditional and cloud-based platforms