Perfect Pitch: Scripted Calls for Better Customer Engagement

Jacob Munns, CEO
In a call center environment, there are often interactions that do not meet the needs of the callers. The reason could be difficulty understanding the agent, or the uncertainty that comes with letting agents say what they want to say. Enterprises may implement chatbots, and can personalize the bots to some extent, but there is no limit on number and types of conversation a caller can have. An ideal solution—the art Perfect Pitch Technology of Lehi has perfected since its 2008 inception—is a hybrid of scripting algorithms and a real-life customer service agent. The company was founded by call center veterans, and its solution combines actual service agents with patented soundboard technology to create the best experience possible for customers, in their native language and dialect. “At Pitch Perfect, we understand that brands are represented through call center interactions,” says company CEO Jacob Munns. “The way an agent interacts with customers is of paramount importance to creating optimal interactions and repeat revenue.”

Soundboard technology consists of advanced scripting modules and corresponding recorded audio clips, The scripting logic is based on call-driver analysis. There are typically five to seven reasons a customer will call a service provider. These reasons can be grouped together and matched with an appropriate series of responses for almost every scenario. Agents that use Perfect Pitch are trained on the system and the scripts so that they can actively listen to the caller and play the appropriate response. The scripted words, phrases and sentences are recorded by carefully selected voice talent so responses do not sound robotic. These voice talents record scripts in a conversational tone that gives the call a natural flow for an optimal customer experience. By maintaining the live agent as part of this equation it becomes possible to tailor the audio responses to meet individual needs and adapt to various situations. Munns explains: “We cannot answer every question, but we have enough familiarity that we can know 98.2 percent of the time what consumers will ask and what they need to hear in response. This is based on research and analysis for each campaign to confirm that our assumptions about call drivers are accurate.”

Through research, Pitch Perfect has determined that scripted responses will not cover 1.8 percent of inquiries received by agents.

One of our missions is to bridge the gap between Artificial Intelligence and its shortcomings. Our solutions offer the right combination of technology and human intervention

In these situations, they have recorded global options that can be used to bring the parties back to the focus of the call. Global options allow the agents to express emotion and understanding to help bring the caller back on topic and keep the conversation colloquial.

One case study that illustrates Pitch Perfect’s approach to solving call center issues involved a charity organization that was holding a book drive for underprivileged children. In this initiative, Pitch Perfect partnered with Alex Boye, a British-American singer and actor, who endorsed the cause and volunteered to help promote the book drive. Perfect Pitch recorded a script with him asking families and businesses to consider donating books. Agents used Boye’s voice recordings on hundreds of thousands of calls to raise awareness about this special fundraiser. By combining Boye’s recognizable voice with cost-effective outsourced labor, the book drive was extremely successful in a way that would not have been possible without Pitch Perfect soundboard technology.

As it develops the future of call center technology, Perfect Pitch knows that clients will continue to rely on systems that can deliver the right scripted message in a clear voice. Although there will be further advances in text-to-speech analysis and automation, it will never be perfect. Munns says one of Perfect Pitch’s missions is to bridge the gap between Artificial Intelligence and its shortcomings. “Our solutions offer the right combination of technology and human intervention.”

Perfect Pitch

Lehi, UT

Jacob Munns, CEO

The company’s solution combines actual service agents with its patented soundboard technology to create the best experience possible for the callers in their native language and dialect

Perfect Pitch