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Paula Selvidge, CEO
The current era of digital disruption requires companies to be agile and react rapidly to changes in markets and business models. The need for efficiency in businesses has increased significantly and new tools require support for automated workflows and processes. Determined to move beyond the current limitations, PerfectForms assists businesses in navigating the choppy seas of modern workflow management. In doing so, the company empowers less technical users with robust products and services focused on simplifying the creation of workflow applications and enhancing user experience. The company’s ascension to success is underpinned by a firm belief: a well-versed and knowledgeable person can fulfill a business requirement seamlessly while reducing reliance on IT resources. Moreover, the need for detailed documentation diminishes and delivery time is reduced. As CIO Applications’ team interviews Paula Selvidge, CEO of PerfectForms, she highlights the success of the company and how PerfectForms brings value to a wide range of clients, from single licenses in the cloud to enterprise on-premise installations at Fortune 100 companies.

What challenges in the workflow automation space is PerfectForms currently addressing?

In the workflow automation space, PerfectForms is focusing on three main challenges to make our platform easy-to-use and widely available—expanding cloud services, improving self-service automation, and optimizing the user experience for mobile devices.

The expansion of self-service automation enables end-users of the business process to meet their needs without depending heavily on IT resources. PerfectForms enables data integration with other systems with limited or no IT involvement. The platform continues to add data integration options to ensure business end users have the flexibility to integrate easily with third-party systems and databases to meet their unique data integration requirements.

IT departments in traditionally more conservative environments like financial institutions and higher education are opening up to cloud solutions and reducing the number of on-premise deployments, while also reducing maintenance and support costs. PerfectForms offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options with the same feature sets, so customers can choose which deployment option best meets their requirements without compromising on product capabilities.

Finally, as mobile becomes the only platform for many application interactions, PerfectForms is working on major enhancements in the area of mobile usability to further improve the cross- platform experience for customers.

Walk us through your Workflow Solution and its methodology, features, and the benefits it provides.

PerfectForms is a web-based application development platform that enables both IT professionals and business users to create workflow applications without IT assistance or programming knowledge. Our platform enables users to build engaging applications with a drag-and-drop graphical editor, at a fraction of what large packaged applications or traditional custom development projects cost. While saving time for everyone, PerfectForms provides insight and oversight to IT departments. Administrators can log-on from any web browser to view the applications being created or altered by business users to ensure they comply with corporate policies. Further, this platform can send automated notifications and escalations, as well as create drill-down reports with data grids, graphs, and charts, all while providing full visibility into business processes. It also integrates easily with LDAP, databases, and other systems.

The use of our platform provides a variety of benefits from reduced development and deployment time to minimal dependence on IT resources. It also ensures process compliance, improves collaboration, and reduces errors and miscommunication, thus boosting organizational efficiency, which leads to an increase in productivity and the return on investment for our customers.

Our platform requires no programming—customers can build user interfaces to collect data, define a workflow, and build powerful reports without writing a single line of code

What are the differentiating factors that give PerfectForms a competitive edge and help it thwart market competition?

As the PerfectForms platform requires no programming, our customers can build user interfaces to collect data, define a workflow, and build powerful reports without writing a single line of code. The platform can push or pull data to other databases and third-party systems with the aid of web services and open APIs, without coding. The virtual designer simplifies the process of building custom solutions that meet detailed requirements by combining the power of business logic with flexible design options.

PerfectForms’ solutions can easily scale with changing requirements, owing to our iterative development process with easy editing and versioning methods. The flexible deployment method comes with advanced customer service that focuses on improving every point of interaction with customers—from product usability to interactions with the technical support team—that make it a highly lucrative option for our customers.

Could you please cite one or two case studies on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes with your innovative array of solutions?

The Business Affairs department at the University of Tennessee Martin (UTM) faced a major problem at the start of every academic year. The campus was flooded with freshmen and transfer students, who were directed to six manned digital camera stations during their orientation registration. Three hundred ID photos had to be rapidly taken and uploaded into UTM’s ID card program in order to print the necessary documents for students, which had to be collected later. When Mike Abney was named process improvement facilitator, he found PerfectForms easy-to-use, affordable, and perfectly suited to the university’s requirements. The PerfectForms solution helped UTM do away with its process-heavy orientation system and create and automate an online student ID request form in its place. Using this, students can apply for IDs before they arrive on campus, and anyone who forgets can be notified automatically using the system.

PerfectForms enabled UTM to eliminate the cost of hiring photographers and staging photo booths. Moreover, as student assistants can supervise the card creation process, regular staffers are free to focus on other important work. In a nutshell, PerfectForms simplified the process and reduced costs significantly, while simultaneously reducing the hustle in the university at the busiest time of the year.

What does the road ahead look like for PerfectForms?

In 2018, PerfectForms completed re-writing the project of its backend architecture as well as a front-end re-design to optimize the user experience and enhance productivity. The company continues to innovate its product offerings to drive development priorities based on customer feedback. We understand the importance of building strong customer relationships to help us remain at the forefront of market drivers and technology trends. We will continue to focus on improving customer experience to ensure seamless interactions regardless of device. We also plan to expand the platform’s integration capabilities with third-party systems based on feedback from customers and key partners.


Carlsbad, CA

Paula Selvidge, CEO

Provides a web-based application development platform that enables IT professionals and business users to create workflow applications without writing any code