PerfectLaw: All-in-One Database for Law Office Applications

In the past, legal professionals struggled to keep pace with the volume of documents that needed to be processed for any given case. Legal paperwork must be filed in an organized manner and made accessible to everyone who is working on the relevant case, while simultaneously maintaining the necessary level of confidentiality. With the help of document management software, legal documents are now available electronically, eliminating concerns about handling bulky files and the fear of losing hard copies. A frontrunner in this space, PerfectLaw, a Miami, FL based firm offers software that is capable of executing paperless workflows as well as providing access to vital records. “Our focus is on maximizing attorney productivity and increasing bottom line customer satisfaction,” states Marc Adler, VP of sales, PerfectLaw. With their sole data system for all law office applications, PerfectLaw is effectively eradicating the legacy way of handling documents.

With their software suite, the firm strives to improve efficiency and productivity of the modern day legal firm. PerfectLaw owns a wide range of software for both front and back office operations. Depending on the size of the firm and the features required to perform the action, PerfectLaw offers office software in different versions—Lite, Standard, or Enterprise. The front office automation product Attorney Info Manager (AIM), combines matter, contact, and document management soft-ware. The solution exhibits various features like paperless workflow, document archive, records management (barcode scanning and hierarchy support) and 3D workflow. AIM faciliates users to share and have instant access to all case-related information using one database and one product. A key attribute of the front office suite is the Optical Word Recognition (OWR), which enables to identify text in PDF and other kinds of files.

PerfectLaw’s Back office software manages the entire gamut of financial management operations that includes time and billing, accounts payable, general ledger, and management reports. The Back Office Software is part of PerfectLaw's All-in-One suite of applications that, on integration with the front office module, yields one of the fastest, most efficient systems to perform all the operations effortlessly. The comprehensive feature of PerfectLaw's solution sets them apart from other players in the legal domain.
“Our solution eases the complexity involved in managing the financial documents by converting the entire work process into paperless in the areas of billing, accounting, reporting and collections, while increasing productivity and efficiency,” says Marc.

Our solution eases the complexity involved in managing the financial documents by converting the entire work process into paperless in the areas of billing, accounting, reporting and collections

The firm is specialized in handling cases pertaining to bankruptcy, contracts, civil litigation, labor, licensing, real estate, and immigration. For in¬stance, Melli Law, S.C. a major law firm located at Madison, WI was in search of a solution to streamline its office software with an All-in-One application and make it convenient for attorneys to access and view details of case. The law organization decided to implement PerfectLaw’s software to align the operations under one roof. PerfectLaw’s team of experts incorporated the software into the existing infrastructure of the client and they went live within two months. The results were impressive as communication and efficiency improved drastically. The vital information pertaining to the lawsuits was accessible to attorneys working on the case. Additionally, attorneys found it convenient to enter the details on a weekly basis.

In the days to come, PerfectLaw will continue to roll out their fleet of services in the legal domain and conceptualize new products that can be used on mobile devices.


Miami, FL

Marc Adler, VP of Sales

Provides attorneys and staff the needed tools to streamline most law office functions from billing and accounting to case and document management