PerfectMind: Cloud-based Software Drives Efficiencies, Saves Costs

Farid Dordar, CEO
In a few months since its release, PerfectMind’s new enterprise member management software has won major clients among key customer segments such as health and wellness facilities, large parks and recreation departments, education, and service industries.

They include an arm of 26,000-employee U.S.-based Sanford Health; Los Gatos - Saratoga Recreation, a prominent Silicon Valley recreation center; and the Richmond Olympic Oval, a sprawling recreation complex that was the premier venue for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. These wins build on PerfectMind’s clientele of 5,000 customers in 21 countries.

“With PerfectMind’s software, we will become a much more efficient in operation, cut costs, grow, and potentially increase revenues,” says Mark Klassen, manager of facilities at a 14,000-student school district in British Columbia that recently selected PerfectMind software. “Many of our sites currently use different software programs for different functions. A program that can be consistently and easily implemented across all our sites for all functions is a good business decision and we have found that with PerfectMind.”

PerfectMind offers a compelling combination of ease of use, a consolidated platform that runs all business functions, is highly customizable to an organization’s needs, and a smart customer relationship management (CRM) application.

“CRM today is essential for long-term profitability,” says Farid Dordar, CEO, PerfectMind.

Implementing CRM has traditionally been time-consuming and expensive, as organizations need to buy software, hire consultants to configure it, and tailor it to business processes. To address these challenges, PerfectMind offers industryspecific CRM with built-in best practices for quick, comprehensive implementations.

PerfectMind’s software helps businesses increase customer engagement to grow their revenues and improve business performance.The software provides online booking and registration , marketing automation such as customer loyalty programs, facility and staff management, billing, and sales in an all-in-one system. At the Richmond Olympic Oval, PerfectMind will replace many software systems with one secure platform to run several business functions.

Online booking and registration should be as simple as using Facebook, and we provide that ease of use

The software is also easy to use, says a college that recently selected PerfectMind. “Online booking and registration should be as simple as using Facebook, and we provide that ease of use,” says Dordar.

PerfectMind provides Software as a Service (SaaS). In addition, its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering is a key competitive advantage, allowing enterprise clients to add customization and new functionality as the organizations grow, and to receive all of their software and service applications from a single cloud-based source.
Sanford Health chose PerfectMind to support Profile by Sanford, a comprehensive weightloss management program. Profile by Sanford is experiencing rapid growth, and PerfectMind is working with the organization to seamlessly manage multiple business functions at various locations.

PerfectMind’s software supports all browsers and devices. And it enables social sharing. It allows all aspects of a business – be it the shopping cart, inventory management or the referral system – to be social. This means an organization’s clients can share their activities with people in their networks, helping businesses generate powerful word-of-mouth and grow revenues.
PerfectMind invests heavily in product development, customer service and its cloud infrastructure. “We are one of the most reliable cloud solutions,” says Dordar. “We have reduced our inquiry response time to 13 seconds and provide 24- hour customer support.”

Moreover, customers play a key role in product development. “We listen to our customers carefully and regularly,” says Dordar. “At PerfectMind lab, our customers share insights on trends, product features that have worked for them or those they would like to see.”
Following customer demand, PerfectMind developed a built-in reporting engine providing its clients with insights and analysis regarding every aspect of their business. This helps generate meaningful, actionable data to inform business strategy.


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Farid Dordar, CEO

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