PerfectServe: Providing a Unified System of Communication to the Healthcare Sector

Terry Edwards, President and CEO
Digital communication is reshaping communication channels to transform vast amounts of data generated through Internet, mobile applications, voice calls and various mediums across the globe. Unfortunately, there's an outflow of information during this process of transmission, which often goes unnoticed. Especially in the healthcare sector, where communication is considered as a crucial aspect in the care delivery process and, potentially, saving an individual’s life. This outflow of information has the potential to cause major complications if it does not get to the right provider in a timely manner. Terry Edwards, CEO of PerfectServe is a person who is determined to help solve this challenge by streamlining clinical communication through a comprehensive, secure platform. Founded in 1997 with a single prototype solution, PerfectServe has now evolved to provide a comprehensive communications platform with different solutions to support the various clinical workflows inherent in the entire care continuum.

PerfectServe provides a robust yet efficient communication system to connect nurses, physicians and other providers through its PerfectServe Clinician-to- Clinician™ solution.The entire healthcare system is connected to this communication platform, which manages the communications flow and traffic based upon process algorithms. Prior to implementation, all the roles, requirements and schedules of various physicians and other clinicians are integrated into the software, which enables the Perfect- Serve platform to analyze and transfer accurate calls, messages and system generated information to the right clinician at the right time. All possible scenarios are functional on the contextual platform developed by the firm and they route automatically through a workflow engine. The system is so cohesive that it can start from a phone call, text message, web page or from a computer system to quickly and securely route an interaction to the appropriate person without any interruption.

From a user’s perspective, the PerfectServe solution is very effective as it delivers secure information via mobile application, web portal and interactive voice response (IVR). Notifications can be pushed to them through the mobile app and can also include SMS, pager, email and voice calls.
For instance, one of the hospitals located at the outskirts of the city faced acute problems in communicating with physicians and nurses. The client,concerned about breakdowns in its communication processes between nurse and physicians, approached PerfectServe to remove the barriers by automating process steps. The hospital implemented the PerfectServe Clinicianto- Clinician™ solution to gather all the data available and integrate it into the software platform. Within a period of six weeks, hospital staff adopted the solution that in turn decreased communication cycle time by 68 percentages compared to the earlier days. In addition, the physicians were able to receive the messages punctually without any break down in the flow of communication.

PerfectServe’s strong foundation in the healthcare sector relies upon unique strengths in its ability to simplify complex communication processes especially those associated with physician workflows. Complying with the security standards of the healthcare industry, the firm’s platform is comprehensive in nature and is capable of connecting interdependent clinicians across care settings. This allows physicians and nurses to spend more time caring for patients and less time tracking one another down to share information.

“The name, PerfectServe, was designed to communicate the service ethic of our organization and the completeness of the offerings we bring to our clients,” says Terry.

The system’s communications rules engine is so comprehensive that it can simplify and streamline the most complex communication workflows—transferring information to the right clinician without interruption


Knoxville, TN

Terry Edwards, President and CEO

The firm offers a comprehensive and secure, workflow responsive communications platform to connect clinicians across the pre-acute, acute and post-acute settings