Permeance Technologies: Quality Control for Enterprise Software Projects

Shayne Tanner, Director of Sales
Rapid technological develop¬ments have resulted in the creation of ever-increas¬ingly complex technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. Organizations are caught in a quanda¬ry with competing demands on time and resource, resulting in compromised quality controls. "In such a scenario, software developers need tools to in¬strument their own tools for testing" begins Paul Robinson, Director of Con¬sulting, Permeance Technologies. "All too often this results in a disjointed ap¬proach, with costly duplication of effort and fractured quality management."
With a long history of successful enterprise software delivery, Permeance Technologies is a specialist with quality control on complex software projects. "We focus on providing a pragmatic approach to testing using best of breed tools implemented by our highly experienced testing consultants" he adds. "Permeance helps organizations to manage their quality concerns and reduce TCO of software development projects."

Headquartered in Perth, Australia, Permeance is an implementer of enterprise open source software. "Our consultants understand the importance of effective quality management" adds Shayne Tanner, Director of Sales. "We have embraced agility in every part of our business with rational delivery checkpoints that provide the opportunity to manage both risk and cost, constantly improving quality. Our testing team gets involved in a project early enabling them to provide the right input at the right time."

Permeance has built its business around delivery of successful software projects for both private and public organizations throughout Australia. "We support development of systems with increasingly complex usage scenarios and technical complexity. We are constantly challenged by new ideas." says Tanner. "Maintaining our relevance requires understanding our business very well.
As one of the world's leading portal consultancies we have been delivering successful software projects for a long time. Why not enable others to take advantage of what we know?"

We just believe that any company implementing software development projects would benefit from increasing their effectiveness and productivity

For instance, an Australian state Department of Education engaged Permeance Technologies' consul-tants to formulate a quality man¬agement strategy. Adopting an agile delivery approach the project was suffering from a lack of cohesive testing ap¬proach. The department was beset by quality issues, and the cost was high and increasing. "As is typical with many of our clients, the project was resourced with good, hard working people. We identified pretty early however that we needed to empower them in being more effective by providing a meaningful and coherent testing strategy backed by best practice tools and methodology," shares Robinson. With Permeance's help, the project achieved a 20 percent efficiency against development and support costs.

Looking to the future, Permeance is committed to providing organizations with ongoing support and advice through their consultancy services. "We just believe that any company implementing software development projects would benefit from increasing their effectiveness and productivity. A good testing strategy will give them that." states Robinson.

Permeance Technologies

Perth, Australia

Shayne Tanner, Director of Sales and Paul Robinson, Director of Consulting

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