Perpetuuiti Technosoft: Bringing Continuity in Automated Application Interdependency Mapping

Rohil Sharma, CEO
IT has brought about changes in banking sector which has created an enormous impact on both management and customers alike. “With the growing complexity of devices, network and systems, banking organizations today face complex business problems such as frequent data loss, interruption of services, and IT infrastructure disruption,” notes Rohil Sharma, CEO of Perpetuuiti Technosoft. “These concerns often result in lack of visibility for business teams about the service availability and quantification of the down time cost in real-time. Also, there is no recovery assurance with testable solutions, or guaranteed recovery from disaster scenarios within the defined SLAs. There is a lot of dependency on SMEs to manage IT, and increasing complexities due to multiple products and solutions to manage.” Perpetuuiti, an enterprise software products company provides real-time visibility of the financial impact of an IT disruption which causes unaccounted revenue leakage. “Perpetuuiti is an innovation leader in automated application interdependency mapping and automated recovery,” says Sharma.

Focused on building products that address business service availability assurance, orchestration and automation challenges, Perpetuuiti developed Continuity Patrol. It is a centralized entity within the organization to manage and co-ordinate different IT layers to run the procedures and updates appropriately. Continuity Patrol gives with timely information processing to take an informed business decision with a reduced RTO, reducing the revenue loss. “Continuity Patrol provides clear results to customer organization through Business Impact Analysis results, thereby the impact is known to the business for them to take well informed decisions,” explains Sharma. “Continuity Patrol has in-built action libraries that cover all the IT layers like OS, DB, App, Web, Middleware, Network, Storage and Replication from all the popular vendors, by which every complex business service availability solution can be made available as workflows for execution in a single-click.”

Moreover, Perpetuuiti provides a versatile frame work which, on top of monitoring the entire prevalent IT infrastructure of an organization, manages and automates all of it. While confronting the heterogeneity of servers, it is a herculean task to maintain various scripts.
Perpetuuiti helps enterprises cross this hurdle by endowing them with its script-less and agent-fewer product, Continuity Patrol Version 4.0. Continuity Patrol is designed to provide enterprise-wide visibility to CXOs about the financial impact of any IT disruption, possessing the capability to map every configured application with the in-bound and out-bound dependencies/interdependencies automatically, in real-time. It also performs the auto discovery of the entire application in the IT infrastructure environment with all components involved within the production network. First Gulf Bank, one of the leading domestic banks in UAE stands testimonial for this.

Apart from other challenges they faced, they needed to automate UI, Web & CLI based activities that are required to be handled in the appropriate sequence with a coordinated approach. “After implementation of Continuity Patrol, job executions were auto¬mated without dependency of SMEs. We reduced their Total Cost of Ownership and maximized ROI. Continuity Patrol also brought in major visibility to their business and the IT is now able to release the application systems to users on time,” expounds Sharma.

Continuity Patrol provides clear visibility to customer organization through BIA results, thereby the impact is known to the business for them to take well informed decisions

Perpetuuiti believes in staying committed to delivering the best by staying relevant and providing technology that enables business objectives and satisfied customers. “As an IT products company, we aim to continuously innovate and keep ourselves at pace with the emerging trends in the industry. By furnishing solutions that best fit the business scenarios of the time, we aim to create resilient IT environments for our customer organizations,” concludes Sharma.

Perpetuuiti Technosoft


Rohil Sharma, CEO

Perpetuuiti is enterprise software Products Company focused on building products that address business service availability assurance, orchestration and automation challenges