Persico Group: Spearheading the Future of Aviation

Fabio Bressan, VP of Business Development Americas
The aerospace industry often showcases a curious mix of advanced technology and legacy production methods. Despite being a tech-driven, high-precision sector, aerospace continues to rely on manual labor for manufacturing, leaving room for human errors and production delays. While the speed of production is an important factor, maintaining proper quality control throughout the designing and manufacturing phase is also paramount. Coupled with upcoming revolutionary developments like widespread commercialization of urban air mobility, players in the aerospace industry are gradually gearing up to ramp up their production manifold. However, to adapt to the future of air transportation, aerospace companies require the best materials, component designs, and manufacturing solutions all at once to accelerate and streamline their production processes.

Helping aerospace manufacturers navigate the current as well as new developments and propel them into the future of aviation is Persico Group. The Italian engineering company offers a plethora of cutting-edge technology solutions to players in aerospace, marine, automotive, and industrial manufacturing space. “Persico creates unique, highly advanced composite material solutions, builds prototype components, and leads the market of designing automated manufacturing lines,” says Fabio Bressan, VP of Business Development Americas, Persico Group.

A renowned name in the marine technology industry, Persico’s composite material structure, and mold offerings in the marine segment laid the groundwork for its aerospace prototype solutions. In the aerospace segment, Persico’s expertise includes designing automated production lines by integrating and programming robotics with different process machines (welding, wrapping, assembly, etc.) and leveraging press-forming technology to create parts in advanced composite materials using thermoplastic and thermoset solutions. Aiding Persico is technologies like CAD/CAE for tool designing and simulation software to establish the optimized balance between human and robot contributions for the best cost-efficient production line.

Persico’s prototyping capabilities that enable it to handle complex geometries and ideas make a significant difference in building innovative aerospace components. On top of that, Persico also endeavors to fulfill the high-rate production requirements of aerospace players venturing into the urban air mobility space with automation capabilities. Persico can streamline and speed up their production lines, thereby increasing the production of new aerospace vehicles from a handful of vehicles a month to hundreds.

In an industry extra cautious about adopting novel ideas and designs for airborne vehicles, Persico comes with a long streak in successfully bringing smart, innovative design ideas to fruition.

Persico creates highly advanced composite material solutions, designs tools and builds prototypes for aerospace, and is a leader in manufacturing automation

To illustrate the reach of their solutions, Bressan recounts Persico creating large-sized molds with complex geometry for the helicopter blades manufactured by Agusta Westland, now merged under the Leonardo Helicopters brand into Leonardo S.p.A., formerly Finmeccanica, a leading manufacturing company specializing in aerospace, defense, and security. Persico built high-precision hydraulic forming presses for helicopter blades manufacturing – where the average platen size was approximately 12 meters by 2 meters – using press-forming technology with highly accurate control and monitoring of the thermal cycle. By controlling the parallelism of the molds using sophisticated software for each independent cylinder, Persico ensured the press maintained perfect alignment and strict quality control, thus earning its client’s praise. “Blades are the future of transportation if we consider urban air mobility, and they require fast and quality manufacturing. Persico can deliver on speed and quality,” extols Bressan.

Apart from aerospace and marine, Persico also serves the automotive sector. For instance, Persico builds tools and machines in a specific manner to protect the hardware technology in the automotive industry. This is especially useful for automobile companies struggling with efficient vehicle design and electric integration for their vehicles. In addition, Persico also applies its tech expertise to curate solutions for rotomoulding in medical and architecture fields. Persico is a world leader in the production of rotational moulding equipment. It provides services from concept to design, prototypes, mould procedures, and treatments and automation systems with its SMART compact moulding production cell that guarantees optimization and precision saving, repeatability, and high-quality products. Persico is also actively engaged in the medical field as a provider of innovative tools and equipment for healthcare applications like automatic bag making lines that combine the strong experience in automatism and plastic welding systems.

Headquartered in Italy, Persico has key production and sales units in the USA, México, Germany and China to serve its customers worldwide and to constantly improve its knowledge and capabilities. With this global vision, Persico Group is ready to overcome all possible challenges to push the aerospace sector to new heights. Persico can leverage all its technological capabilities to deliver the right material, design, and manufacturing solutions to its clients in aerospace and aeronautics. “Our future vision is to have more capabilities to create and combine these three entities together in order to revolutionize aerospace,” concludes Bressan.

Persico Group

Nembro, Bergamo, Italy

Fabio Bressan, VP of Business Development Americas

Persico Group is a manufacturing engineering company that provides process equipment and automation solutions for automotive, rotomoulding, marine, aerospace, medical and architecture sectors. In the aerospace segment, Persico designs automated production lines by integrating and programming robotics with various process machines for welding, wrapping, assembly, and so on, and leverages press-forming technology to create parts in advanced composite materials using thermoplastic and thermoset solutions. Persico’s prototyping capabilities, aided by technologies like CAD/CAE for tool designing and simulation software, enable it to handle complex geometries and ideas to build innovative aerospace components.

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