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Alcides Santana, President & CEO
The rapid growth of information and communication technologies and advances in digitalization, cloud computing, and storage systems are generating a strong demand for secure IT infrastructure for enterprises worldwide.

However, the data center industry is prone to many issues that can no longer be ignored. Despite its growing significance, organizations don’t have enough experience in data center management and lack the resources to rethink their strategies. Numerous compliance and security issues have also surfaced due to the development and administration of data centers.

To help companies realize their full potential, Persistent Technology has developed a range of data center management solutions, which allow companies to effectively monitor and manage the performance of their data centers, ensuring they can meet customer needs while keeping costs down.

Often, business owners need help carving out a practical roadmap for their data center strategies. That’s why various projects never see the light of day or are launched but never gain traction.

Persistent Technology helps companies design and implement a data center strategy appropriate for their business needs. It works with clients to ensure they can deliver the most cost-effective solutions possible while meeting customer demands.

It covers the entire spectrum of data center management, which is a rare sight in the business world. “We focus a lot on quality assurance, quality control, coordination, and support for big data center projects,” says Alcides Santana, president and CEO of Persistent Technology.
This holistic approach enables Persistent Technology to help clients understand what they are missing and what they need to do to improve their data center operations.

It does this effectively because it listens to customers before offering any solution. When the requirement is clear, the team discusses and brainstorms the best solution to meet their needs. It hire someone with rich experience in QA if the requirement is to thoroughly review the design documentation. Simply put, Persistent Technology ensures its clients get what they need.

We focus a lot on quality assurance, quality control, coordination, and support for big data center projects

Recently, it was approached by an organization facing issues while building a data center. The client had to comply with special construction practices that were beyond industry standards due to security risks. They were nervous the project will get delayed for it to become compliant due to an extra layer of security.

After Persistent Technology took charge of the project, it sent its engineers to study the site. They discovered the client’s approach to the design and construction was inadequate. The primary reason for this was a lack of knowledge and experience in building data centers. Persistent Technology devised a solution to build the data center that met all their needs, including security. The project was finished within two weeks instead of months, which the client had first anticipated.

For Persistent Technology, its engineers are its biggest strength. They think outside the box to share different perspectives on the issues. They can create solutions that meet the needs of today’s businesses while being flexible enough to adapt as technology changes. Their passion for innovation is evident in their work, making Persistent Technology a reputed name in the data center industry.

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Alcides Santana, President & CEO

Persistent Technology has expertise in providing customers with solutions in a variety of fields. They comprehend and resolve issues relating to the health of the military and veterans, among others. In the past, they have provided extensive support to the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs by applying the most advanced technologies, project management, training, and analysis to solve these issues

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