Personal Data: Driving Business through NetApp Expertise

Giuliano Tonolli, Sales & Strategy Manager
In today’s competitive business world driven by digital technologies and the demand for mobility, companies across industry verticals are looking for intuitive solutions that allow them to respond quickly and flexibly to evolving market trends. As cloud adoption matures, the CIOs look for solutions that ensure business continuity through maximum uptime supported by efficient disaster recovery solutions. Spearheading cloud innovation is NetApp with their ability to streamline storage and data management cost-effectively. However, the challenges in leveraging NetApp solutions range from an organization's lack of expertise in exploring NetApp’s potential to deploy a fully centralized data management solution. This is where Personal Data plays a paramount role. Personal Data is a company that delivers innovative solutions for IT management, business continuity, and virtualization through their NetApp expertise. “Utilizing NetApp’s comprehensive product range, we provide custom solutions to modernize, consolidate, and optimize clients’ IT infrastructure,” says Giuliano Tonolli, Sales and Strategy Manager, Personal Data. Personal Data today excels as the go to partner in the sphere of virtualization, centralization of IT processes, and the operational integration of private and public enterprise systems.

Equipped with highly skilled professionals, Personal Data is focused on understanding the needs of their clients carefully and guiding them to select and deploy accurate technology solutions. Currently, the company focuses on helping businesses of all sizes as well as government agencies to leverage the innovative all flash solutions that deliver higher data mobility speed and agile cloud infrastructure supporting faster time to market. Aware of the intricacies faced by their clients, Personal Data designs custom solutions that are at the leading edge of technology. The company is also focused on the increasing demand for cloud solutions for Disaster Recovery and Backup services. Harnessing the potential of Netapp Snapshot, the premium backup and recovery software, Personal Data has succeeded in securing several businesses from the sophisticated cyberattacks in recent times.

“Our passion for innovation and focus on niche technology services helps our clients to improve their business outcomes as we take care of their technology infrastructure,” says Tonolli.

Utilizing NetApp’s comprehensive product range, we provide custom solutions to modernize, consolidate, and optimize clients’ IT infrastructure

The expertise gained by Personal Data over the years in the areas of technology and business has propelled the company to be recognized as key partner by vendors such as Citrix and Trend Micro to provide professional services. Personal Data’s backbone is their highly respected team of professionals that has the passion and the competence to implement cutting edge NetApp architecture in client’s premises as well as in the cloud. The company’s passion for innovation and delivering relevant technologies for clients is driving Personal Data to accomplish greater success along the journey. Besides, the company has a unique work culture that revolves around providing quality working environment and promoting team building activities that reflects strongly in their client engagement. The combination of technology expertise and collaborative work culture has won several accolades for the company. Recently, Personal Data has received the NetApp Innovation Award for their solution based on an All-Flash 4-node metrocluster to deliver SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration appliances.

For the future, as big data continues to proliferate incessantly, Personal Data is resolute to further improve their core services around NetApp. The company is also eager to satiate the hybrid cloud needs of clients who are increasingly transforming themselves into data-centric business organizations. “We will continue to maintain highly skilled personnel and expand our presence across Italy with new offices,” asserts Tonolli. In addition, Personal Data can also be expected to offer the new NetApp Hyperconvergence solutions to their growing clientele.

Personal Data

Brescia, Italy

Giuliano Tonolli, Sales & Strategy Manager

Specialized in solutions for the centralization, virtualization and NetApp storage systems

Personal Data