Perspecta: A Strategic Partner to the U.S. Government

Mac Curtis, President & CEO
A year ago, the board of directors of DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) was pondering over the segregation of its global commercial and U.S. Public Sector (USPS) businesses. The aim to create two entities out of the organization was to form an independent, publicly traded company to assist the U.S. government customers. Therefore, the board unanimously decided to merge its USPS business with Vencore Holding Corporation and KeyPoint Government Solutions to form a new company. Formed as a spin-off from DXC Technology, Perspecta today delivers the most mission-enabled, innovative, and technologically advanced IT solutions to the U.S. government clients.

Virginia-based Perspecta offers mission-driven services in cybersecurity, big data analytics, cloud engineering, enterprise IT services, and systems engineering space as part of intellectual property (IP). Perspecta is a strategic partner to the U.S. government customers at the federal, state, and local levels. The company helps the public sector entities in tackling the most formidable informational and national security challenges and propelling digital transformation.

Empowering USPS with a Robust Suite of Services

The company brings a comprehensive service portfolio including data center, network, and hosting services aimed at reducing the costs involved in managing traditional IT operations. Drawing support from a large team of certified cloud professionals, Perspecta provides managed services for the public cloud leveraging Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. The company has a team of over 14,000 engineers, investigators, analysts, and architects that work coherently to deliver these services.

Perspecta helps the U.S. government to harness the power of digital transformation to meet the ever-changing customer demands.

It offers a broad range of capabilities to the U.S. government catering to the defense, intelligence, civilian, and healthcare sectors. “We empower all divisions of the public sector—from investigative services and IT strategy to systems work and next-generation engineering with overall competence,” says Mac Curtis, president & CEO, Perspecta.

The firm has labs where the team conducts research to fuel solutions for overcoming its customers’ unique and complex challenges. It upholds more than 260 patents under its name and empirical knowledge in the domains such as cloud, cyber, analytics, advanced networking, mobility, systems engineering, ML, and agile software development.

Assisting Customers with a Collaborative Approach

Perspecta has a collaborative approach towards its customers and partners. It works in association with over 250 organizations including industry-leading companies such as AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and HCL among others. Besides, it has partnerships with over 200 small certified businesses and more than 1,000 vendors that help in ensuring flexibility in the execution of any project.
Together with its partners, the company amalgamates focused thinking and innovative ideas to address high-priority issues of the U.S. government.

Together with its partners, the company amalgamates focused thinking and innovative ideas to address high-priority issues of the U.S. government

For instance, the transition of a U.S. Army application to the cloud was a mission-critical issue for the Department of Defense (DoD). Perspecta demonstrated a successful application migration process for the U.S. Army, achieved an authorization to operate (ATO), and established the resiliency of applications in the AWS GovCloud.

The company successfully transferred the Army’s Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS) to the cloud as a proof-of-concept, and thereafter started using Perspecta’s repeatable application transformation to cloud (AT2C) process. As a result, TAMIS became the Army’s first fully operational impact level 4 (IL4) application in a commercial cloud environment. The U.S. Army was given succour from a cost perspective and it also attained improved performance.

Maintaining ‘Security’ as the Key Element

Considering the mission-critical issues faced by the USPS businesses, security plays an imperative role. As threats continue to grow, the conventional approach adopted by public sector companies often creates uncertainties and gaps in the safety measures. Therefore, there is a need for an advanced and more strategic approach to bridge the gaps. “At Perspecta, we aim to help customers in migrating to a new strategy. We bring transformative cyber expertise and mission-enabled solutions to the forefront of operations,” mentions Curtis. In order to meet the safety standards of defense and national security organizations, Perspecta offers security solutions that can predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure compliance, and protect data, applications, infrastructure, and endpoints.

The firm also provides an array of investigative services that assist government organizations in identifying, investigating, and mitigating risks. Perspecta has a risk decision group that offers background investigation services for the U.S. government in the federal, intelligence, and civilian segments. It also renders SafeGuard services that complement the company’s capabilities in identifying and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse for the government customers through integrated data analysis, medical claims review, and investigation services.

Going forward, Perspecta sees National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) as a potential partner. Recently, NGA chose Perspecta for its Janus Geography contract worth $920 million. “Our next-generation and unconventional open source approaches toward data acquisition, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) capabilities will strengthen our collaboration with NGA, ” concludes Curtis.


Chantilly, VA

Mac Curtis, President & CEO

As a provider of information technology and services, Perspecta brings a diverse set of capabilities to the U.S. government customers in defense, intelligence, civilian, health care and state and local markets. With offerings in mission services, digital transformation and enterprise operations, their team of 14,000 engineers, analysts, investigators and architects work tirelessly to not only execute the mission, but build and support the backbone that enables it. Everything that Perspecta does, from conducting innovative research to cultivating strong relationships, supports one imperative: ensuring that their work succeeds. Their perspective lets them see further, connect more dots and enable to shape the future of their client’s organizations