Pertino: Cloud-based Network with No Hardware Requirement

Craig Elliott, Co-Founder & CEO
With the development in mobile and cloud-based apps and services, there is a sweeping transformation in networking technologies. It is imperative for companies to securely commute and collaborate when applications and data are increasingly located in the cloud. “We are reinventing networking for the cloud era by leveraging the power of the cloud, the dynamic nature of virtualization, and the agility of software. It’s called cloud networking. And it’s the most disruptive thing that has happened to networking since the Internet,” says Craig Elliott, Co-Founder and CEO at Pertino. Headquartered in Los Gatos, CA, Pertino leverages Software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization technology to enable enterprises to deploy and manage software-defined virtual overlay networks that connect cloud workloads, remote workforces and devices everywhere. Pertino Cloud Network Engine platform operates in the leading public cloud data centers around the world, providing local presence and massive scale at great speeds. It utilizes web-scale orchestration and automation technologies to ensure maximum performance, uptime and resiliency.

Pertino brings the best of cloud networking through services and solutions designed to make technology faster, smarter, and easier to use. Elliott states, “Our Cloud Network Engine is software-defined and cloud-based. No hardware or configuration is required and automation is a snap using machine authentication. With Pertino, organizations can build one or more virtual overlay networks to give groups of remote users segmented access to files and applications.” Pertino Cloud Network Engine provides users with a seamless LAN experience while eliminating the hardware and inconvenience of a traditional Virtual Private Network. Pertino Cloud Networks extends Mobile Device Management (MDM) by offering micro-segmentation capabilities and a fully cloaked private address space with ‘outbound-only’ connections to eliminate the risk of exposing public IP addresses or inbound firewall ports. “Pertino lets IT and DevOps teams build virtual private cloud (VPC) networks in minutes that connect cloud instances, containers and remote users across any private or public cloud,” remarks Elliott.
Further, Pertino SD-WAN allows IT organizations to deploy a virtual overlay network for BC/DR to connect remote and displaced workforce to backup servers and data from anywhere and using any device.

Our Cloud Network Engine is software-defined and cloud-based. No hardware or configuration is required and automation is a snap using machine authentication

A magnitude of organizations have benefitted from Pertino cloud-based networking spanning over 80 countries. In an implementation highlight, a fast growing Midwest hotel management company that develops and manages popular hotel chains, deployed Pertino cloud network to connect devices across all of their properties to centralized files and AD servers. Extending AD services to each property eliminated their hours of IT management each month. After deploying Pertino, the hotel management company now saves 25 hours in configuration and maintenance. Elliott asserts, “Pertino cloud networking with ADConnect from AppScape allows IT admin to extend AD domain services seamlessly to remote users everywhere.”

With a global position already accomplished in a short time, Pertino plans new capabilities for its Cloud Networking Engine platform that makes it easier for customers to deploy secure and software-defined wide-area networks for branch, data center and industrial IoT implementations. The company also introduced a new traffic steering technology called Pertino‘SmartZones’ that allows admin to control network traffic routed between local and overlay networks. In addition, Pertino announced an extension of its Cloud Network Engine security foundation that brings zero-trust networking to the WAN and addresses the network security challenges of distributed workforces and workloads within the enterprise.


Los Gatos, CA

Craig Elliott, Co-Founder & CEO

Pertino leverages network virtualization, cloud and SDN technologies to offer quick deployment model wherein VMs, servers, desktops, or mobile devices are easily networked with each other