Petrotechnics: Removing Uncertainties and Empowering Organizations

Mike Neill, President, Petrotechnics USA
“The recent Macondo incident in the Gulf of Mexico, which occurred in 2010, was amomentous event,” says Mike Neill, Petrotechnics President–North America. “It was an eye-opener that sent shivers down the spines of executives operating in hazardous industries around the world and compelled them to increase their focus on operational risk management. In order to move forward, Operators need areliable and consistent decision support tool to mitigate and manage exposure to operational risk, and executives need real-time KPIs to assure them that the process is working correctly,” he continues.

Founded with a vision to keep more people safe in hazardous working environments, Petrotechnics provides a scalable, enterprise-wide software solution that empowers companies to make better decisions—from the boardroom to the frontline. The company’s flagship operational excellence management solution, Proscient, enables clients to standardize initiatives, policies, processes and procedures. Clients integrate planning, maintenance, and operations to dynamically monitor and managethe cumulative risk impact of operational priorities and activities. The goal, mitigate major hazard risk and better manage frontline operations. In short, operators can ensure the right work is prioritized, managed and executed in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.

“Proscient introduces a new way of managing operational risk by enabling clients torelate the impact of planned activitiesand risk control system deviationsto fundamental process safety barriers. Proscient empowers organizations to better understand the cumulative operational risk they are carrying at any given time which can be used to improve operational decision making. It allows all stages of the organization to better understand the level of risk being carried at any given time. The benefits it delivers range from serving as an early warning system for potential major accident hazard related incidents, allowing organizations to make proactive interventions, better prioritize maintenance, and make more informed decision-making around risk and activity at the daily operations level,” claims Neill.

“We offer a complete solution that goes beyond the software, bringing people and process together with technology to deliver big, tangible business benefits across an organization. For the first time, operational leaders can prioritize and manage the relationship between production and safety, and drive continuous improvements across the enterprise.”
Petrotechnics covers all aspects of a project—from initial engagement with the client to configuring workflow, rules and preferences, managing the implementation, and training users on the software. “Our proven track record, hands-on engagement, and deep operational expertise of transforming the planning-to-execution business process into operational success is unparalleled,” notes Neill.

“We work with companies in hazardous industries all around the world, and they look to us to change the dynamic between safety and productivity and drive operational excellence,” affirms Neill.

One of the world’s biggest companies in the oil and gas space employed Petrotechnics to help standardize the way they managed frontline operational activity. Petrotechnics deployed its solution toall of the client’s upstream assets—about 200 sites, in 40 countries. Presently, over 25,000 people are benefiting around the globe. In terms of ease-of-use and value to the client, its staff voted Petrotechnics as their number one solution. This is an excellent result given that it is the second most used application on their facilities - second only to email!

Petrotechnics is also in the process of deploying across the entirety of Network Rail, the owner and operator of Great Britain’s rail infrastructure, to reduce current levels of complexity and control operational risk more effectively.

Petrotechnics’ Proscient is a proven end-to-end approach that optimizes performance and manages operational risk, resulting in safer, more efficient and sustainable production attainment. Now that’s a game-changing solution!

We offer a complete package that goes beyond the software, bringing people and processes together with technology to deliver big, tangible business benefits across an organization


Aberdeen, UK

Mike Neill, President, Petrotechnics USA

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